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wrote today on: Tássia Rolim
Weird, doesnt work for me. Presto doesnt come in on turn 8.
Yeah I gave up on this one. Not gonna downvote the strat or anything cause I see other people having success with it but after 10+ tries my Son of Sethe could still not survive the first pet once and I'm not that patient lol
Not sure what changed, (something must have, but I can't think of what off the top of my head), but my Stormwing never died, and I didn't deal any crits. I swapped to my Dread Hatchling when Rocket came in then followed everything else according to the strat ^^
I suppose you use wrong pet , both two Little Helper must be 25 rare Rotten Little Helper , Not Winter Little Helper
Worked great with Rapana Whelk & Darkmoon Zeppelin
Yeah, this doesn't work. - - He doesn't send out the Leftovers pet second, he sends it out last. The one that has "explode" (Corpse Explosion) comes out second and when it dies you still have to deal with Leftovers.
To help with some of the RNG for the Broom, I let Sandstorm fall off, saved Clean-Up for Rocket's second time using Cyclone, then used Sandstorm. Rocket had around 100 hp at that point.
Funciono muy bien recomendada
I have found if you just take out the Supercharge step, and instead do : - - Turn 6: Wind-Up - Turn 7: Wind-Up - Turn 8: Use Powerball (will likely die this turn) - Bring in A-Idol - Turn 9: Use Deflection - Turn 10-12: :Use Crush until Fang is dead. - (Foe brings Swarm in). - Turn 12: Use Sandstorm - Turn 13-15: Use Crush until Swarm dies (unless Swarm just used Blinding poison and your chance to hit is reduced 100%, then use Deflection). - - This has resulted in a near 100% win rate, ... [continue lendo]
Mayzen wrote today on: Peças extras (Bicho)
All pets have to be faster than enemy pets: So S/S. Bandicoot can be switched with a rabbit/hare as in another strategy by MisterSpud

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2022-05-10 21:59:48
The time has come, once again, to level all your pets!

The weekly reset brings the pet battle bonus week, and The Sign of the Critter offers a 200% increase on pet experience, so it's the perfect time to tackle that queue.

1 Repeatable Tamers

If you'd like to know what repeatable trainers to look out for this week, head over to our Powerleveling Guide to find out which ones are great for maximizing the use of the bonus xp. It will also offer the top leveling strategies for each of the fights, tips & tricks, and links to non-repeatable tamers as well as other useful guides.

Our widget on the home page will let you know which repeatable Legion tamers are up for the day!

Also, keep an eye out for strategies that have the Level tags for the regular, non-repeatable fights. Every little bit counts!

2 Tuesday the 17th Super Squirt for European Realms!

Super Squirt is one of those magical days during pet battle bonus week where Squirt is up in your WoD garrison menagerie, and it offers a useful, repeatable battle that does very well in leveling your pets, and has a nearby free heal. Here's where you can find all our Squirt Strats.

Though much emphasis is placed on Super Squirt, there are plenty of viable leveling fights from the repeatable tamers listed in the Powerleveling Guide. If you don't have your garrison up to par for Squirt, you'll likely still get a fair few tamers that will do nicely in Squirt's stead.

We wish you the best of luck in leveling your pets, and hope you have a happy battling week!
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2022-05-02 13:09:23
You’re not quite sure how you got roped into this, but through the haze of last night’s drinking of a particularly heady Pandaren brew you recall a card game. In fact, as the bits and pieces slowly fall into place while you eat your breakfast, you remember someone unexpected and out of place at the card table: a matronly woman. After being thoroughly trounced, you pushed the winnings toward her.

She smiled, and only took half. “You’ll need the rest for tomorrow,” she said, and handed you a note.

It was that note you now held in your hand, and all it had was directions. Curious, you follow it to a building full to the brim with chattering, excited children.

“Ah!” the woman from last night exclaimed. “So glad you could make it. I have just the child for you,” she said, turning to head back inside, ignoring your slack-jawed shock.

“Here you go,” she said, a child bounding out of the building with her. “You two have fun, now.”

She waved the two of you off as you walk away from the orphanage. Panic races through you as you realize you have no idea what to do, but the kid just laughed.

“Beat you in a card game, didn’t she?” they asked.

You nod, and a broad grin broke out across their face.

“Matron is the best card shark this side of the Great Sea. Does this every year. Look,” they say, pointing to a cluster of equally stunned adventurers. “Don’t worry. I have tons of ideas about what we can do!” the kid exclaims.

Maybe today won’t be as bad as you think.

Happy Children’s Week, fellow Azerothians! Children’s Week is when adventurers, such as yourself, take time out of their villain-slaying schedule to give the orphans of various wars and conflicts something to look forward to. You’ll be heading to different locales, giving the children gifts, excitement, and a taste of adventure, so let’s get going—the kids are waiting!

There are four different sets of pets that can be obtained from different matrons, so make sure you’re heading to the correct orphanage! A total of 14 pets can be obtained through this holiday, and if you have enough alts they can all be yours in one year. However, if you’re looking to get the Veteran Nanny achievement, see our note below in the Achievement section at the bottom.

All pets that are part of this holiday are cageable, except the Curious Wolvar Pup & the Curious Oracle Hatchling

1 Orgrimmar / Stormwind

Horde will go to Orphan Matron Battlewail in Orgrimmar, and Alliance to Orphan Matron Nightingale in Stormwind. This is a 6-part quest chain for both factions, and easy to complete. At the end of the chain, you’ll be rewarded with your choice of:

1.1 Rat Cage / Ratinho Bigodes

1.2 Turtle Box / Ligeirinho

1.3 Snail Shell / Lambreta, a lesma

1.4 Piglet’s Collar / Sr. Remexe

2 Shattrath

Horde and Alliance need to go to Shattrath and accept the quest from Orphan Matron Mercy, who will give Horde players a Blood Elf child, and Alliance players a Draenai child. This is once again a 6-part chain, at the end of which you’ll be rewarded with your choice of:

2.1 Egbert’s Egg / Egberto

2.2 Elekk Training Collar / Minduim

2.3 Sleepy Willy / Júnior

2.4 Pernas

3 Dalaran (Northrend)

Horde and Alliance will need to go to Dalaran in Northrend and accept the quest from Orphan Matron Aria. This is the only faction non-specific chain set for Children’s Week. When speaking with the matron, you’ll be given the choice between an Oracle or Wolvar orphan. After your 7-part chain, whichever orphan you chose will be reflected in your pet reward:

3.1 Oraculinho Curioso

3.2 Guaxinantinho Curioso

4 Battle for Azeroth

Horde will go to Caretaker Padae in the Grand Bazaar in Dazar’alor, and Alliance will go to Orphan Matron Westerson at Hook Point in Boralus. This is also a 6-part quest chain that will conclude with your choice of:

4.1 Sandy Hermit Crab Shell / Caranguejito

4.2 Bicôncio

4.3 Slimy Pouch / Rãzinha

4.4 Enchanted Saurolisk Scale / Escaminha

5 Achievements

There are also two achievements that are specifically tied to the pets of the event: Veteran Nanny, and Aw, Isn’t It Cute?

Veteran Nanny is an achievement that will take players at least three years to complete, because it does not count across characters. All the pets for the achievement come from the same orphan matron, and the chain can only be done once a year.

And that’s everything!

We at Xu-Fu’s wish you all the best in your pet collecting endeavors, and until next time: Happy Battling!
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2022-05-01 09:19:31
May's Darkmoon Faire is up, and our main article on how to get all the pets can be found here.

If you're looking for our Darkmoon Faire strategies for Christoph VonFeasel and Jeremy Feasel, those can be found here.

Also, don't forget to pick up your WHEE! buff to get a 10% experience & reputation bonus.

Happy battling!
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2022-04-20 13:35:18
The upcoming expansion, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight was announced yesterday, and all I have to say about it is: Ducks!

Which is not what I was expecting from an expansion likely to be full to the brim with dragons.

Aside from the long-awaited discovery of ducks, there were a few more potential pet models we saw in the gameplay videos and key art. My guess is the expansion is going to be heavy on elementals and, well, dragonkin.

Here are some of the potential pet models we might see in Dragonflight.

1 New Pets?

Of course we must begin with the star of the show: Ducks

New Oracle colorings & updated models

Some new thick-bottom water elementals

Perhaps a new Children's Week pet?

These guys feel like Dragonflight's version of Devourers

According to Jackie Wiley, Senior Game Designer for WoW, these are called bruffalons. Who knows, we might see baby ones?

Frog dragon, or dragon frog?

Scaley good boi

Another new elemental model

And some kind of seal and otter combination. Slotter?

2 Hazelnutty's Interview with Ion

Hazelnutty: Anything on the horizon in terms of pet battle content?
Ion: Nothing huge for Dragonflight itself. Though, as always, we're going to have a whole new array of stuff to tame, and capture, [and] incorporate in your collections, and outdoor challenges. Something I'd love for us to do is to take a crack at improving pvp pet battles.I think there's room for an alternate mode there. Something that's a bit more asynchronous, like where you set up a defensive team. Like a lot mobile games do stuff like this effectively. Like you set up your defensive team, and then you can instantly challenge other peoples. Right now, part of the challenge is just the critical mass of trying to queue up and go through the motions and find enough people. Even if we incentivize it like with the weekly quest, or whatever, it's still pretty tough, and if you try it for the first time you're jumping into the very deep end of a very shark-filled pool. Whereas I think there could be something much more accessible and fun there. I'd love to see us do it, but other things are taking priority for Dragonflight launch.

The time stamp for the pet portion of the interview is here.

The full interview from the beginning is here.

So, for right now, it doesn't sound like we're getting anything more than what we saw in Shadowlands, which means it might be content at launch, then nothing for the rest of the expansion except collecting.

Are you excited for Dragonflight? Are you looking forward to having any of the new models as pets?
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2022-04-18 09:56:04
"A tisket, a tasket, a green and yellow basket..."

A little girl skips by you, dressed in her finest spring garb, singing the familiar rhyme. Her wicker basket is full of brightly colored eggs and it swings in time with the words, as her mother hurries to catch up.

As you walk the path, heading back to where your journey began, the signs of spring are all around you: flowers blooming, earth being made ready for sowing, and the warmth of the sun before it becomes scorching summer heat. It brings to mind many springs before, as you recall hunting the Noglegarden eggs as a child, and being scolded for sneaking off to eat the chocolate, spoiling your dinner. When you make it to your destination, people are searching for the prizes hidden in every nook and cranny imaginable, then someone walks by, the scent of chocolate drifting along behind them. There's no one here to get onto you about things like spoiling dinner, and you've traveled all this way. Maybe you have time for a little egg hunting yourself...

Happy Noblegarden, everyone! I hope you're all ready to get out there and hunt some eggs, because there are three pets offered during this holiday, and a couple of them are really handy to have in your roster.

1 Noblegarden Vendor

All three of the pets this holiday can be purchased through the Noblegarden Vendor. The vendors, and the eggs you'll need to collect, can be found in your faction's starting areas:


  • Azure Watch on Azuremyst Isle
  • Dolanaar in Teldrassil (phased)
  • Goldshire outside of Stormwind
  • Kharanos in Dun Morogh


  • Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore
  • Brill in Tirisfal Glades (phased)
  • Falconwing Square in Eversong Woods
  • Razor Hill in Durotar

2 The Pets

For all the pets you'll need 400 Noblegarden Chocolate, which are looted from the eggs. There is a discrepancy between sources on how much the Noblegarden Bunny costs -- the in-game pet journal & Rematch say 100, whereas third party sites and the vendor in-game list the cost as 200.

If you're not looking to collect chocolates for all the pets, the two rabbits are cageable, and can be bought on the AH. If you're a collector looking to get every pet, you'll still need to farm the Mystical Spring Bouquet, as that pet is not cageable.

The rabbits are really nice to have, as they both have great speed values. However, if you're looking for the quintessential bunny move set, the Spring Rabbit is the one to go for.

And that's it! We at Xu-Fu's wish you all the best in your pet collecting endeavors, and until next time: happy battling!
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