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Shenk wrote today on: Treinamento com Durian
i didnt even bother to get into it since autumn breeze's tooltip is still outdated. good ol' blizz fixed the healing abilities, right?
Mutanis wrote today on: News
It seems most people don't like pvp at all. So I think your idea is a good alternative. There are a few powerful npc, you can fight them and if you succeed you get a bigger reward like 100 coins or 10 raffle tickets depends how strong the npc is. I think that keeps the game intresting :)
nabukko#2575 wrote today on: News
good idea
This doesn't work. It leaves 74 health after the call blizzard (turn 8) so the enemy pet doesn't come in. Tried 20 times in a row.
Ipsi wrote today on: News
Check their profile, if you can attack them then you will see their vault.
johnniebgood#2367 wrote today on: Napalm Vivo
Worked fine for me in SL
Drudois#1363 wrote today on: Fras Siabi
I cannot get this to work at all


wrote today on: Isso é que é carcaça (Bicho)
Thank u for this! Didnt have all the pets in the others strats leveld up, but this one worked on the first try :)
I'm not aware of any changes since I last used the strat. Care to explain what was going wrong?
Sprite Darter still soloed this for me in SL -

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2021-04-11 13:27:02
Our Treasure Hunt turned out really cool but the leaderboard has some fundamental flaws - as everyone playing it probably knows. Perfect opportunity to test a new feature here: polls!
Please help us to decide how to move forward with the Treasure Hunt by casting your vote:

Poll: Which direction should the Treasure Hunt take?
The leaderboard aspect of the Treasure Hunt is not working due to it being largely impossible to hide coins. With a few weeks to go, we have a few options. Which of these do you prefer?
Poll ends after 2021-04-15 23:36:15
➜ Keep the game unchanged (7)
Only minor balancing changes, but the PvP element with leaderboard prizes will continue as planned until the end.
➜ Keep the PvP element but make drastic changes to it (55)
Try to rebalance the game heavily so it becomes more engaging (buff defending warriors, increase shielded time, give warriors a cool down etc.). Keep the leaderboard with prizes for it at the end.
➜ Remove the PvP element (126)
Cancel the PvP element of the game, compensate everyone in raffle tickets for their efforts and move the leaderboard prizes into the raffle.
You need an account in order to vote
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2021-04-06 00:08:41
"A tisket, a tasket, a green and yellow basket..."

A little girl skips by you, dressed in her finest spring garb, singing the familiar rhyme. Her wicker basket is full of brightly colored eggs and it swings in time with the words, as her mother hurries to catch up.

As you walk the path, heading back to where your journey began, the signs of spring are all around you: flowers blooming, earth being made ready for sowing, and the warmth of the sun before it becomes scorching summer heat. It brings to mind many springs before, as you recall hunting the Noglegarden eggs as a child, and being scolded for sneaking off to eat the chocolate, spoiling your dinner. When you make it to your destination, people are searching for the prizes hidden in every nook and cranny imaginable, then someone walks by, the scent of chocolate drifting along behind them. There's no one here to get onto you about things like spoiling dinner, and you've traveled all this way. Maybe you have time for a little egg hunting yourself...

Happy Noblegarden, everyone! I hope you're all ready to get out there and hunt some eggs, because there are three pets offered during this holiday, and a couple of them are really handy to have in your roster.

1 Noblegarden Vendor

All three of the pets this holiday can be purchased through the Noblegarden Vendor. The vendors, and the eggs you'll need to collect, can be found in your faction's starting areas:


  • Azure Watch on Azuremyst Isle
  • Dolanaar in Teldrassil (phased)
  • Goldshire outside of Stormwind
  • Kharanos in Dun Morogh


  • Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore
  • Brill in Tirisfal Glades (phased)
  • Falconwing Square in Eversong Woods
  • Razor Hill in Durotar

2 The Pets

For all the pets you'll need 400 Noblegarden Chocolate, which are looted from the eggs. There is a discrepancy between sources on how much the Noblegarden Bunny costs -- the in-game pet journal & Rematch say 100, whereas third party sites and the vendor in-game list the cost as 200.

If you're not looking to collect chocolates for all the pets, the two rabbits are cageable, and can be bought on the AH. If you're a collector looking to get every pet, you'll still need to farm the Mystical Spring Bouquet, as that pet is not cageable.

The rabbits are really nice to have, as they both have great speed values. However, if you're looking for the quintessential bunny move set, the Spring Rabbit is the one to go for.

And that's it! We at Xu-Fu's wish you all the best in your pet collecting endeavors, and until next time: happy battling!
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2021-04-04 21:36:20
April's Darkmoon Faire is up, and our main article on how to get all the pets can be found here.

If you're looking for our Darkmoon Faire strategies for Christoph VonFeasel and Jeremy Feasel, those can be found here.

Also, don't forget to pick up your WHEE! buff to get a 10% experience & reputation bonus.

Happy battling!
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2021-04-02 11:19:49
Did you think it was an April Fools joke? Got you there :D

The game is real and it's active NOW!
All the details you'll need about the game you can find in our handy Treasure Hunt Guide.

The game will be active from now until the end of May 1st 2021 - the actual end when IDL (UTC+12) hits midnight!

1 Big prizes this time!

There's a ton of stuff you can win by playing the game. Check them out:

1.1 Leaderboard

Collect coins, secure a place in the leaderboard. The players with the highest amount of coins in their possession (vault + stashes) at the end of the game will win:

  • 1st place: 1 Year of WoW Gametime
  • 2nd place: BlizzConline Celebration Bundle, Epic Edition (sponsored by Blizzard EU)
  • 3rd place: $40 Battle.net Balance
  • 4th place: Lunar New Year Mount(sponsored by Blizzard EU)
  • 5th place: Blizzard Shop Pet of your choice

1.2 Raffle

Not into competitions? No problem! Collect raffle tickets with your coins - each ticket is one entry into the raffle.
The more you have, the higher your chances! Here's what you can win with them:

Prizes for all regions
Prizes for North American players (Sponsored by Wakamaru from the Azeroth Adoption Agency)
  • A full set of Slimy Pets

Prizes for European players
  • A full set of Slimy Pets (sponsored by Shenk)
  • 1x Argi (sponsored by Blizzard EU)
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2021-04-01 10:30:47
We are excited to unveil the next big thing on Xu-Fu's: A competitive Treasure Hunt across the tens of thousands of pages on Xu-Fu, starting tomorrow!

But how does it work?

Simple! You need to find and collect as many treasure coins as you can! They will be scattered all across the strategies, hard to miss actually, if you're lucky enough to find some!

But it's not that simple. It's a competitive game, remember? Because the coins you collect aren't safe in your account. Other players can attack you and steal them, oh no!

Make sure that doesn't happen by hiding your coins somewhere on the page!
But what if another player comes across your stash? Well, before that happens, better hire warrior pets so they can protect your shinies:

Or, use your warrior pets to go on the hunt yourself and steal what you can! Either way, in the end, the players with the most coins in their possession will win some of the awesome main prizes we have gathered up for you!
But even if you don't make it into the top spots, there's plenty more to win for everyone who participates in the game.

Is that all, finding coins and protecting them?

Far from it! There's a lot more to this game but we don't want to reveal all surprises right away.

When can I start collecting?

Excellent question! The game will start in the night from April 1st to April 2nd! Sorry, can't give you a more exact date. But it will run a whole month, which means plenty of time for you to gather, hunt and steal coins!

But I want to know more!

No worries, we'll publish a more detailed guide with lots of detail once the game starts!

Stay tuned and good luck on the hunt!
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Treasure Hunt
Xu-Fu's big Treasure Hunt is on until May 2nd!

Top 10 Coin Collectors:




















Full leaderboard



Menkahoure 162

Gorthmog#2373 70

KrisHeart 60

VanyaMia 56

Lashgrash 54

Fynvola 53

MattCas 51

Hogri 50

Katrinah#1739 50

oyi 50

SammyCat203#1527 50

Aszrael 50

Mar#1286 50

Ssparkles 50

Bstpadawan#2636 50

Seira 50

Orshart#1174 50

Mot 50

Khebu 50

Bec13 50

ParaGoddess#1994 50

Shenk 50

flamin_scotsman 50

Бвонсамди#21704 50

Penance 50

Bruxo 50

Bösendorfer 50

Gazza00#1440 50

Sinderbella 50

Heisenberg#22265 50

Pixiee#2465 50

Audrishka 50

Luky 50

VladimirScootin 50

Zelon 50

Capax#21511 50

Vesterbro 50

Misscalinne#1759 50

Jester#1736 50

CyberWarlock#1631 50

tylum 50

joggos 50

Dunkmaster#2336 50

sharradan 50

ThePayload#1329 50

Doogyplumm#1780 50

lookaunicorn#2534 50

Supacharger#1279 50

Rimmie#1117 50

ToonSwap#1154 50

HuntmasterRoman 50

Fangshi 50

crischer#2966 50

Mattoso#1369 50

Malc 50

Chaosas 50

Amrôth#2849 50

Fiametta 50

Nebercanazer 50

Slaviorx 50

Mndarrr 50

sab 50

Neologik 50

Kaleezi#11744 50

Slow_Robot 50

Blackfyre#2343 50

Gorkas 50

Crowno#11315 50

Xarissa#1268 50

Shadowfate 50

Middas#2498 50

Azariah19 50

Pinkelope 50

Krogrash 50

Almadin#2283 50

Tyrelius 50

Rith 50

Kaidex#2339 50

gibbs61us 50

Brommy 49

Airelove#1649 49

Nyari 48

Makakai#1328 48

louvanna 48

Everothia#1860 48

Koorban 48

leitchy30 48

funkyfonky 47

kamalii63#1797 47

Leey 47

Jguthrie66 47

RinYurg#1960 47

Demelza#1600 47

Cloudstar 46

Ainuviel 46

AdmiralKiki 46

Regnarth 46

Splendorae#1920 46

Habaschio 46

aspy#1877 45

Morell#1795 45

Micco 45

Fazolek 44

Cham 44

Nimue2000 44

Sopherra#11827 44

Heldt 44

PaperSwan#1210 44

Doug#1826 44

blazedx 44

亡者#3650 44

Hermez#2641 43

Awle#2144 43

Momoko#11808 43

Marlies#2204 43

Rach 43

apacrion#2681 43

Inferno#2312 43

Zekashu 42

Greatspirit 42

Chipinators 42

Tattiana22#1905 42

wjbaldwin 42

Roksor 42

Rom4eg#2880 42

Gráinne 41

sleyermeister 41

Addie 41

Luci 41

Calamitty 41

yuyomans 40

OD484#2544 40

Zapheille 40

Zahell#2224 40

Keelaya#2342 40

janusik5#2598 40

Misy 40

skunkwaldo#1537 40

LilSam#11461 40

Oaklees 40

Arokhe 40

Dazer#2240 40

Pankracy#2378 39

Crius 39

Illsherc#2284 39

PeregrineMan#1671 38

Boomcraggle 38

Tofer#11862 38

Deathstar 38

Amifix 38

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2015-05-01 12:04:10 Let the guide begin! Aranesh Page Update
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