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Xu-Fu is proud to announce a new feature that will come to you very soon: the Fight Organizer - 01, in short: FO-01 - - An until today unrevealed team of IT scientists working for Xu-Fu has analysed thousands of strategies from pet battlers all over the world and done the ... continue reading
Yes, you read that right! - In the middle of working on the battle tables, I needed a bit of a break and decided to add a different some stuff that makes it easier for all my helpers: An article editor! It's almost done, and I've used it now to add a new little ... continue reading
Today I have a small update on the current development of wow-petguide.com. - - Displaying strategies is certainly the key aspect of the page. Yet all new features of the last year were accessories to that. Cool ones, like the collection viewer, but not hitting the core ... continue reading

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wrote today on: Eleanor
Is there a strategy to use so that the carry pets get xp? When I use the lineup the way it is posted, my carry pets get no credit. - Thank you.
Perfect strat! I used a Tainted Waveling instead of Fetid Waveling. Worked like a charm. -


wrote today on: Jahan, Archimedes and Samm
Regardless of what some comments say, the strategy works best if followed as outlined. Don't switch 2 and 3 around. Good work.


wrote today on: Mining Monkey
Lil'XT destroys this fight (The Mining Monkey). Use Heartbroken round 1 then Typanic Tantrum and the fight is pretty much over, even /w the Monkey critting I still kill him and leaves back team /w 200-300 health or less.

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