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Shywillow wrote today on: Blingtron 4000
perfect strat 10/10
Your health indicator for last pet is backwards. It should be < 1400 not > 1400.
Shywillow wrote today on: Wise Mari
love this strat, lil bling just solo'd all 3
I don't see a line that just says if [enemy(#3).active]. But there are two that have - if [enemy(#3).active & enemy.type= - - Please advise
I did Wild Winds > Falcosaur Swarm! > Wild Winds, and with nice RNG this ended on round 4. :)
CoJo wrote today on: Umbrasa (Aquático)
Worked for me with a P/S Skitterling in the 3rd slot.
urodoz wrote today on: Esganóbito (Voador)
TD SCript - use(Garra negra:919) [ round = 1 ] - use(Bandada:581) - - change(Compañero de centinela:1567) [ self(#1).dead ] - - use(Carga de alma:752) - use(Fuego lunar:595) - - use(#1) - change(next)
urodoz wrote today on: Esganóbito (Bicho)
TD script: - use(Porquería ácida:369) [ self.round = 1] - use(Toque de mocos:445) - change(next)
Ruggen wrote today on: Little Tommy Newcomer
Just use 2 blings if you have it.


wrote today on: Marshdwellers (Aquático)
That one gave the perfect run. Thanks it is a bit different than what is done above but it worked perfectly on first try for my thanks. Gave me the last fight win that I needed for the Family Battler. :D

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2020-05-19 07:37:11
In one of the longest-running secrets of WoW, Jenafur is still eluding the Secret Finders among us. However, a few days ago there was another clue, Scooby Doos:

Only one thing gets a kitty into the right mood, when you open up a can of just the right food

  • Clue on 23 March:

kibbles of 4, sets the time, of a 4/4 beat, and defines the lines
  • Clue on 8 January 20:

Four Kibbles bounce in time,
Four Kibbles count the time

Here's a review of everything that's been confirmed so far in the pins:

  • Exploits, such as cache sniffing, are not needed, expected, or useful.

  • Exploiting around having to solve the puzzles is a bannable offense, and easily detectable. Even if it were possible, it's not worth it. I'd [Celestalon] advise you don't even try.

  • The secret is working as intended, is solvable and does not require a group (confirmed for the current step).

  • The first step was to talk to Amara. The second step was the CCL's (Crazy Cat Lady's) house. The third step is Kara. It is unknown if going from step 1 -> 3 was a bug, or if it was just designed to find CCL first. CCL does not have anything to do with the solution to the current step.

  • The intended solution to go from CCL to Kara was the direction of the 2 kibbles when connected with a line.

  • Amara is the IRL name of someone & they worked on the secret. This means that the name of the initial NPC has nothing to do with the secret. Please continue to avoid discussing any topics relating to IRL topics, they will not be part of the secret.

  • From Jeremy Feasel: I can confirm that this (and probably all of the secrets that will be made) are friendly to the deaf and hard of hearing, accessibility is important!

  • Someone asked if this secret is colour-blind friendly. Yes it is.

  • Not time gated/rep gated or requires anything with a low drop %.

  • Someone asked if you have to be max level. There is no level requirement per say, but you will probably want to be able to high enough level to do kara. You can't complete it on a lvl 1.

  • Doesn't require a previous secret.

  • Can confirm death zone was a bug related to the secret

  • Have your music on sound on, cool stuff happens upon solving the secret :P (nothing to do with the current step, I was just told that upon completion you will want your sounds on)

  • Any items from the Toy Box or the Pet Journal are not required

  • From the guy with Jenafur: He was given it - it was not "solved" by him. He also does not know the solution and therefore cannot comment on its complexity/difficulty. He is in this Discord and wishes to remain anonymous. This is further proof Jenafur is in the game and is obtainable.

If you'd like to try your hand at the secret, head over to the Jenafur Secret Finder page, and the Discord link will be at the top of the page.

If you join the Discord, remember to read the pins! They'll have all the information I've posted above, as well as docs on what's been tried, theories, and so on.

Wowhead also has a guide that can be found here.

This secret is said to be very difficult, and if the difficulty increases with each step, I can only imagine how long the next one will take.

What say you? Do you think the Secret Finders have met their match? Or will they persevere?

Best of luck to all those involved, and happy battling!
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2020-05-15 08:26:41
Not much has changed or been added to the Shadowlands Alpha as far as pets are concerned, but we do have a few updates.

Before we get into those, though, we have our obligatory spoiler warning:






And with that out of the way, off we go!

Previous articles:

Datamined Potential Pet Models
Shadowlands Alpha Pet Information

Here's what we'll be going over in this article:

  • Player Pet Changes
  • NPC Pet Changes
  • New Abilities -- NPC, Maybe Player Pets Eventually
  • Numbers for Stampede-esque & Black Claw Changes
  • New Pets / NPC

1. Player Pet Changes

Some are changes we've already covered, but a couple are new:

**NOTE: All pets listed below are for RARE quality pets @ 25 **

  • Cinder Kitten

1400 HP 292 P 292 S -> 1400 HP 284 P 284 S

  • Tiny Blue Carp

1465 HP 289 P 289 S -> 1465 HP 281 P 281 S

  • Hermit Crab

1400 HP 284 P 349 S -> 1278 HP 272 P 337 S

  • Mechanical Cockroach

1587 HP 260 P 293 S -> 1587 HP 248 P 293 S

  • Mechanical Prairie Dog

1587 HP 297 P 260 S -> 1506 HP 297 P 260 S

  • Crypt Fiend

1197 HP 349 P 293 S -> 1197 HP 349 P 276 S

  • Slimy Darkhunter

massive Speed reduce for all breeds

  • Boghopper

1400 HP 284 P 349 S -> 1339 HP 248 P 349 S

2. NPC Pet Changes

  • Frill (BRD PBD Alran Heartshade)

1438 HP 215 P 301 S -> 1234 HP 189 P 301 S

  • Ruddy (BRD PBD Alran Heartshade)

1505 HP 195 P 252 S -> 1285 HP 176 P 252 S

  • Wanderer (BRD PBD Alran Heartshade)

1607 HP 221 P 297 S -> 1319 HP 176 P 297 S

  • Crushface (BRD PBD Zuna Skullcrush)

1505 HP 221 P 244 S -> 1285 HP 189 P 244 S

  • Fozling (BRD PBD Zuna Skullcrush)

1607 HP 234 P 236 S -> 1336 HP 221 P 236 S

  • Tremors (BRD PBD Zuna Skullcrush)

1471 HP 234 P 195 S -> 1285 HP 211 P 195 S

  • Logic (BRD PBD Therin Skysong)

1505 HP 254 P 297 S -> 1505 HP 221 P 297 S

  • Math (BRD PBD Therin Skysong)

1471 HP 221 P 305 S -> 1471 HP 176 P 305 S

3. New Abilities

These abilities are attached to what we believe to be a new NPC team pet:

This ability is not currently attached to an NPC pet, or a player pet:

4. Flock & Black Claw Numbers

The below numbers were provided by Lazey:

Examples (don’t blame me for Blizzard math and rounding weirdness *g*):

  • Ikkys’ Flock base damage in the journal is 153 so one of the three hits does 51 damage, ⅔ of that is 34. I will use multipliers 2.0/1.5 for Shattered Defenses pre/post nerf.

Round 1: 3x 51 damage (153 total)
Round 2: 3x 128 damage (51+34 = 85*1.5 = 128 = 384 total)
Round 3: 3x 179 damage (51+34+34 = 119*1.5 = 179 = 539 total)

  • A pure Flock attack does 1076 in total in Shadowlands. On live servers you see this:

Round 1: 3x 51 damage (153 total)
Round 2: 3x 102 damage (51*2,0 = 102 = 308 total)
Round 3: 3x 102 damage (51*2.0 = 102 = 308 total)
769 total damage (without racial multipliers, crits, flat damage increase etc.)

So far it looks like we’ll see a damage increase of Swarm abilities when not using other damage modifiers.

  • Now let’s take these examples and add Ikkys’ yet unchanged Black Claw flat 136 damage increase:

Round 1: 3x 188 damage (51+136 = 188x3 = 564 total)
Round 2: 3x 265 damage (51+34 = 85*1.5 = 128+136 = 265x3 = 795 total)
Round 3: 3x 316 damage (51+34+34 = 119*1.5 = 179+136 = 316x3 = 948 total)

  • So we have 2307 damage in total in Shadowlands. On live servers we see:

Round 1: 3x 188 damage (51+136 = 188x3 = 564 total)
Round 2: 3x 376 damage (51+136 = 188*2.0 = 376x3 = 1128 total)
Round 3: 3x 376 damage (51+136 = 188*2.0 = 376x3 = 1128 total)
2820 total damage (without racial multipliers, crits, etc.)

  • Ikkys’ Shadowlands Flock with live server Black Claw calculation would be 2709 total damage (probably we will never experience that):

Round 1: 3x 188 damage (51+136 = 188x3 = 564 total)
Round 2: 3x 332 damage (51+34+136 = 221*1.5 = 332x3 = 996 total)
Round 3: 3x 316 damage (51+34+34 = 255*1.5 = 383x3 = 1149 total)

  • Now looking into Ikkys' Black Claw + Flock vs. a fictional shield that reduces 119 damage from every attack (one time assuming it being active all the time, second time assuming it’s gone in round 3 of Flock)


Round 1: 3x 69 damage (51-119+136 = 69x3 = 207 total)
Round 2: 3x 146 damage (51+34 = 85*1.5 = 128-119+136 = 146x3 = 438 total)
Round 3: 3x 197 damage (51+34+34 = 119*1.5 = 179-119+136 = 197x3 = 591 total)
Round 3: 3x 315 damage (51+34+34 = 119*1.5 = 179+136 = 315x3 = 945 total)
1236 / 1590 total damage

Live servers:

Round 1: 3x 69 damage (51-119+136 = 69x3 = 207 total)
Round 2: 3x 138 damage (51-119+136 = 69*2.0 = 138x3 = 414 total)
Round 3: 3x 138 damage (51-119+136 = 69*2.0 = 138x3 = 414 total)
Round 3: 3x 376 damage (51+136 = 188*2.0 = 376x3 = 1128 total)
1034 / 1749 total damage

  • Checking Ikkys' Black Claw + Flock vs. a stronger fictional shield that reduces 226 damage from every attack (one time assuming it being active all the time, second time assuming it’s gone in round 3 of Flock)


Round 1: 3x blocked (51-226+136 = 0x3 = 0 total, no SD applied)
Round 2: 3x blocked (51+34-226+136 = 0x3 = 0 total, no SD applied)
Round 3: 3x 29 damage (51+34+34-226+136 = 29x3 = 87 total)
Round 3: 3x 255 damage (51+34+34+136 = 255x3 = 765 total)
87 / 852 total damage

Live servers:

Round 1: 3x blocked damage (51-226+136 = 0x3 = 0 total, no SD applied)
Round 2: 3x blocked damage (51-226+136 = 0x3 = 0 total, no SD applied)
Round 3: 3x blocked damage (51-226+136 = 0x3 = 0 total, no SD applied)
Round 3: 3x 188 damage (51+136 = 188x3 = 564 total)
0 / 564 total damage

  • And another Ikkys' Black Claw + Flock vs. a weaker fictional shield that reduces 66 damage from every attack (one time assuming it being active all the time, second time assuming it’s gone in round 3 of Flock)


Round 1: 3x 121 damage (51-66+136 = 121x3 = 363 total)
Round 2: 3x 198 damage (51+34 = 85*1.5 = 128-66+136 = 198x3 = 594 total)
Round 3: 3x 249 damage (51+34+34 = 119*1.5 = 179-66+136 = 249x3 = 747 total)
Round 3: 3x 315 damage (51+34+34 = 119*1.5 = 179+136 = 315x3 = 945 total)
1704 / 1902 total damage

Live servers:

Round 1: 3x 121 damage (51-66+136 = 121x3 = 363 total)
Round 2: 3x 138 damage (51-66+136 = 121*2.0 = 242x3 = 726 total)
Round 3: 3x 138 damage (51-66+136 = 121*2.0 = 242x3 = 726 total)
Round 3: 3x 376 damage (51+136 = 188*2.0 = 376x3 = 1128 total)
1815 / 2217 total damage

5. New Pets

5.1 Potential New Player Pets

So, the Pocket Colossus was replaced by the Pocket PHA7-YNX on the Alpha. However, their models are incredibly different, and they have different flavor text, so we might see the Colossus come back.

Pocket Colossus replaced by:
Pocket PHA7-YNX Wowhead URL
Pet Species ID: 2889
Profession: Engineering
“Inspired by the Kyrian Phalynx, Engineers have modified the design to be approximately 300% more adorable.”

Pocket Colossus
Pet Species ID: 2889
Profession: Engineering
“Inspired by the Kyrian Colossus, Engineers have modified the design to be much more diminuitive.”

5.2 Potential New NPC & Team

Glimr -- Might be the tamer / enemy NPC

Potential Team:




That's all we have for now!

How do you feel about some of the preliminary Flock / Black Claw numbers? Do you still feel confident that pets that Ikky will be able to pull their weight on the tougher battles? Let us know below!

We hope you're all doing well, and until next time: happy battling!
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2020-05-14 05:49:55
For anyone looking to complete Uuna's world tour to work on getting their Baa'l pet, you might run into an issue.

Several players in the last few days have run into a bug with Uuna's dialogue not being triggered at the Gate of the Setting Sun, and despite doing an exhaustive number of potential 'fixes', nothing seems to work.

After some run-of-the-mill responses from Blizzard in the ticket system, someone finally received a response to let people know they're aware of the issue:
Greetings, [player]

This is Game Master [name]. Thank you for your patience while awaiting a reply.

After reviewing your description I was able to verify that you do indeed have the correct version of Uuna. I then did a bit of research into the underlying issue at hand and found that we have been tracking the issue with the Gate of the Setting Sun for a few days now.

... I wish I had some better news but I'm afraid at the moment we must wait patiently for the QA team to review the reports and find a resolution for all players who are stuck. We appreciate your patience while we work on getting this fixed as soon as possible my friend.

Additional response:
Hey there, [Player Name]

Specialist Game Master [Name] here. Hope you're doing great!

We're not aware of any ways players can manually get around this bug at this time.

The good news is the developers are aware of this bug, and will be working to get it fixed. I can't give you any kind of ETA, since I don't know if it's something really simple, or will be a complex fix, but do know a fix is in the works!

So, Blizzard are aware, but have no fix incoming at the moment. A couple people managed to get the dialogue to trigger after hours of wandering well outside the designated, or confirmed, spots. On the other hand, other people have done the same for just as long, or longer, and still haven't had the dialogue trigger.

Your best bet is to sit tight, and put this on the back burner for the moment.

We'll keep an eye out for the bug fix, and keep our fingers crossed that it was just this step that has an issue.

Have you run into this bug? Don't forget to submit a bug report, and if you'd like, head to your Bug Report forums and add yourself to the threads already up for US forums and EU forums.

Until next time, Happy Battling!
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2020-05-08 12:00:06
We have a winner!

Congratulations to J0KeR for winning the Shadowlands Epic Edition key! A random roll has decided, you can see the ceremonious process in this short video :D

Thank you so much for all the wonderful wishes and the amazing pictures you all sent in. It's been an amazing week, seeing new ones every day. I'm glad it was a random roll or otherwise I would have had an incredibly hard time picking my favourite!

Meanwhile, our core team of collaborators and myself have also taken pics of our favourite places together with little Xu-Fu (and in one case a peculiar replacement). So here we are, joining in to celebrate with you:

=== Nyari ===

=== Shenk ===

=== DragonsAfterDark ===

=== morazor#2212 ===

=== Remte ===

=== Aranesh ===

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2020-05-05 05:58:44
The timeline is once more in danger, and the Bronze Dragonflight has called upon the heroes of Azeroth to venture into the swirling mists of Pandaria. Perhaps we'll also find a few pets hiding amidst the timeways?

This week's timewalking vendor offers two pets: the Paradox Spirit & the Infinite Hatchling, and they both cost 2200 Timewarped Badges.

However, there's also an achievement reward pet from Stormstout Brewery: the Hopling.

It's a reward from Ling-Ting's Herbal Journey

Here's a link to the comments on Wowhead for the achievement. It also offers a workaround to the one that might be bugged beneath the stairs. It'd be best to wait until the instance is clear. Or, since you'll be heading out to the Timeless Isle anyway, drop by the Valley of the Four Winds on your max level character for an easy clear, and easy pet.

Happy collecting!
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