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Big Changes Coming to Pet Battles
Updated Pet Collection Viewer
World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary
Shadowland's Pre-Order & Charity Pets
Day of the Dead - Nov. 1st - 2nd
Where on Azeroth is Jenafur?
Meet Rikki -- The New RaF Pet!
Small 8.3 Pet Update
Burning Crusade Timewalking
Oct 21 -- Super Squirt Day for US/NA!
2019-11-11 06:04:39
New Pet Battle WQs in 8.3!
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2019-11-09 05:33:30
New Blackrock Depths Pet Dungeon!
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2019-11-08 09:16:44
8.3 PTR Pet Updates: 8 Nov. 19
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2019-10-30 04:53:17
Darkmoon Faire Pets
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2019-10-18 21:25:12
Hallow's End Pet Guide
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2019-10-17 07:26:53
8.3 PTR Update ~~ 16 October 2019
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2019-10-15 07:02:29
Patch 8.3 PTR & Conclusion to the Shadowy Figures?
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wrote today on: Sully "The Pickle" McLeary
Hi, i opine that i saw you visited my diary thusly i came to ?payoff the spare?.I'm disagreeable to conceptualise things to improve my computer!I speculate its ok to use a few of your ideas!
Priessa wrote today on: Amalia (Mecânico)
I didn't have a pocket Reaver or a Personal World Destroyer high enough, so I used Lil Bling instead. It took care of the first two, and I put Motorized Croaker in the third slot after Mechenical Pandaren Dragonling. It has pump and supercharge and took care of Lil'Sizzle in one hit after it was done with puppies of the flame


wrote today on: Diário de Mascotes de Profúnduro
Wow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is excellent, as well as the content! ddadkbbgeaee
With BfA experience being nerfed, there's no real point in leveling strats anymore. That said, if you want to make this a double leveling strat here, you need to at least Pass on round 1, then do the swap to the next pet, and then the swap to the Dream Whelp. I've noted that the script on the strat does this order correctly, and as such I'll be correcting the wording of the strat. - - Damage for slot 1 level pet: - - Aquatic, Reg Damage: 210 - Aquatic Crit: 315 (ish) - ... [continue reading]


wrote today on: Vultremor (Elemental)
Didn't have a second Corrupted Blood, so made a tiny iteration to the strategy and it worked. Although the last turn of the battle is RNG but it should work 2 out of every 3 tries. - - I used: - Corrupted Blood - Pandaren Water Spirit - Stormwrath (Tiny Twister and Zepharian Prince should also work) but Power breed is optimal. - - 1 - Pass - Pandaren Water Spirit is forced in - 2 - Geyser - 3 - Dive - 4 - Swap to Corrupted Blood - 5 - Explode - 6 - Swap in Stormwrath - 7 - ... [continue reading]
You didn't have Deflection selected, so I added it to the Idol's moves. - - That said, I'll never like the low hit chance of Demolish, but that's a personal choice. You could try combining it with Lucky Dance from one of the Murlocs, but sticky Web can throw a bit of a kink in pet swapping. - - My Dandelion Frolicker made it all the way to Jennings, but even with full hp, Jennings killed my Idol and still had full hp because of no Demolish hits. So I'm sure this ... [continue reading]
Spawn of Onyxia doesn't work as none of the breeds are fast enough to lift off before you're forced out but I found a workaround. - - This was done with the following breeds but i'm sure other breeds will work: - - P/P Emerald Proto Whelp - P/P Spawn of Onyxia - P/S Emmigosa - - Start with Emerald Proto Whelp - 1. Pass - Spawn of Onyxia is forced in - 2. Scorched Earth - 3. Breath - 4. Pass - Spawn of Onyxia dies, Emigossa is forced in - 5. Wild Magic - 6. ... [continue reading]


wrote today on: Crawg in the Bog
I just had this same issue. Not sure why in the heck he healed to full after my broom dies, then he one shotted my lil bling...second time it worked like normal.
I've unpublished this strat at this point in time, as there is already a 3 moth strat that was published before this one. - - Here are our strategy creation rules in regards to duplicate strats: - - https://www.wow-petguide.com/index.php?m=Rules - - If you have a suggestion for the current three moth strat, such as non-breed restricted moths, it'd be best to put that ... [continue reading]
Your script goes a little weird if the Teroclaw kills Murray, and it also didn't bring in the level pet in this iteration. - - I also like the idea of using Powerball on Murray, no matter what, to make you faster than Old Blue, but that's just my opinion. - - I ran this with an H/H Iron Starlette, and it has *just* enough power to kill Old Blue. I didn't test it with my other breeds of IS, but with the pet swap the other breeds might not have enough HP to manage. At the ... [continue reading]

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