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Fireworks burst in a variety of colors across Moonglade's sky in celebration of the Burning Legion's defeat thousands of years ago. Having thwarted the same enemy on the Broken Shore and Argus, the holiday has taken on a deeper meaner for you than in years past. As you travel across Azeroth, honoring your elders and gaining their favor and wisdom, a sense of peace suffuses your being. Though you may face many trials and tribulations on the road ahead, this is a time of happiness and unity. Of course, the good fortune bestowed on those who honor the holiday wouldn't be unwelcome, given your propensity to find yourself neck-deep in all forms of trouble.

Happy Lunar Festival to all! Though this isn't the grandest of holidays celebrated on Azeroth, it does offer pet collectors & battlers two, faction-specific pets: the Lunar Lantern for the Alliance, and the Festival Lantern for the Horde.

Each pet costs 50 Coins of Ancestry, and they are tradeable, meaning you can hop onto your AH and purchase the opposite faction's pet (and/or your own).

Coins of Ancestry can be collected through a few quests generally found in Moonglade, as well as visiting the Elders listed in your achievement section for the holiday. So, head on out across the world to collect some venerable wisdom, coins, and a couple of handy pets!

Happy battling!
During maintenance on Tuesday, Blizzard pushed some changes to the BRD pet dungeon to Therin Skysong, Alran Heartshade, & Zuna Skullcrush. This should help to further stabilize strategies, and reduce RNG. Since changes have been made, we'd advice any strategy creators for the dungeon to test their strats to see how the changes have impacted said strategies.


Therin Skysong

  • Logic

Power reduced from 355 to 311

  • Math

Power reduced from 350 to 289

Alran Heartshade

  • Frill

Health reduced from 1762 to 1500

Power reduced from 271 to 236

  • Ruddy

Health reduced from 2200 to 1916

Power reduced from 245 to 219

  • Wanderer

Health reduced from 2139 to 1767

Power reduced from 311 to 250

Zuna Skullcrush

  • Crushface

Health reduced from 2007 to 1723

Power reduced from 311 to 268

  • Fozling

Health reduced from 1981 to 1631

Power reduced from 367 to 350

Speed reduced from 245 to 236

  • Tremors

Health reduced from 1964 to 1723

Power reduced from 329 to 297

Also, your link to Manapoof should now be good to go!
What better way to celebrate a new patch than by leveling all those lovely new friends added to your roster? Or perhaps there are a few you still need to level to beat the new WQs and pet dungeon?

Never fear; it's pet battle bonus week! The Sign of the Critter offers a 200% increase on pet experience, and it's the perfect time to tackle that queue.

If you'd like to know what repeatable trainers to look out for this week, head over to our Powerleveling Guide to find out which ones are perfect for maximizing the use of the bonus xp. It will also offer the top leveling strategies for each of the fights, tips & tricks, and links to non-repeatable tamers as well as links to other useful guides.

28 January Super Squirt for EU!

Super Squirt is one of those magical days during pet battle bonus week where Squirt is up in your WoD garrison menagerie, and it offers a useful, repeatable battle that does very well in leveling your pets. Here's where you can find all our Squirt Strats.

Though much emphasis is placed on Super Squirt, there are plenty of viable leveling fights from the repeatable tamers listed in the Powerleveling Guide. If you don't have your garrison up to par for Squirt, you'll likely still get a fair few tamers that will do nicely in Squirt's stead.

Keep in mind, EU players: I believe someone said this Super Squirt day will be a shorter one due to reset, so don't put all your eggs in one basket, and look out for other leveling options throughout the week.

We wish you the best of luck in your collection of the new patch pets, and a happy battling week!
With the release of patch 8.3 there have been more additions to the PvP pet roster than just new pets. A new weather effect came with the patch and two old ones have been changed. Because of that development we made a revision to the tier lists (meta and families).

1. Toxic Fumes

is the newest weather. It has two effects; it extends the duration of any damage over time effect by 1 round (the opposite of cleansing rain) and all pets are considered poisoned. This makes it a versatile ability because there are multiple ways to gain value from it. and Puncionar Ferimento are the only two abilities that are stronger against a poisoned target, but since all pets with these can apply poisons themselve this combo isn't that powerful. The more impactful synergies come from DoTs that used to be balanced by lasting for a short duration and can be extremely potent having one extra round of effect under . Examples would be Protocolo de Veneno, Grande Aguilhão or Corrosão.

2. Blizzard

is one of the two old weather effects that got changed. On top of the chilled bonus it now also increases all elemental damage by 25%. This is a huge buff and will likely make blizzard a far more popular weather to use in the future. It also doesn't require a complicated setup to be useful, just make sure to have some other elemental abilities in your team and you already gain value. Especially moves that combo with chilled like Congelamento Profundo are stronger now if you can pull it off. Should you see an increase of blizzards in your meta remember to stay away from mechanicals and play more critters.

3. Mudslide

is the other weather that got changed. However in my opinion this one is not a buff and I find this new modification questionable. Avalanche de Lama now increases the damage of all critical hits by 25%. The problem here is that there aren't enough combos you could play together with this weather. In every match these 25% could backfire since your enemy also benefits from that. At the moment the only pet that makes sense to be played with it is the Saltador Costeiro. Besides the weather it also has Dança da Chuva, which makes it far more likely to get value from the extra critical damage. Therefor the bounder now is one of the best pets to play in teams that are based on hit/critical strike chance increases like Clone Dance.

You can see all the changes to the tierlists over there in the changelogs (at the bottom of the "Quick Info" box). Nevertheless I'm going to list the additions and removals here, but leave out the adjustments to dependancies for some pets.

4. Additions

4.1 Meta Tier List

+Anômalus T2
+Corço Casclarão T2
+Filhote de Bicaustero T2
+Ajudante Pútrido do Inverno T2
+Saltador Costeiro T2
+Reluzinha Caótica T2

+Morde-dedo Zandalari T3
+Lesma do Lodo T3
+Nevold Nanico T3

4.2 Families List

+Ajudante Pútrido do Inverno
+Nevold Nanico
+Esvoaceira Ensolarada
+Reluzinha Caótica
+Barata Marcada pelo Caos
+Bagateiro Amaldiçoado
+Açoitadeira Ululante
+Bonequinho de Neve
+Enguia Deslizante
+Furareia Jovem
+Lesma do Lodo

5. Removals

5.1 Meta Tier List

-Morcevil Órfão
-Dragonetinho Crepuscular
-Broto de Beladona
-Marsuul Pigmeu
-Baiacu Roxo
-Dragonetinho Brônzeo
-Corvo de Cobalto
-Arrotador Repulsivo

5.2 Families List

-Mascote da Sentinela
-Fluido Vivo
-Porquinho-espinho Espectral
-Júnior/Observador Cruzado
-Esporo Sempre-vivo
-Espírito do Paradoxo
-Basilisquinho Escaldado
-Porquinho Taumatúrgico
-Cão-da-pradaria Mecânico

Should you be interested in getting some first impression on how the new pets and weather effects could look like in PvP you can watch this video of Rosqo and me showcasing them in some fun duels.
January's Darkmoon Faire is up, and our main article for how to get all the pets can be found here.

As a friendly reminder, today and tomorrow are the last full days to take advantage of the two reputation & experience buffs: WoW's 15th Anniversary gives 15%, and the WHEE! buff from the Darkmoon Faire gives 10%

Happy battling!
Happy Holidays, Pet Community! It's the most wonderful time of the year for purchasing Blizzard store pets, and to sweeten the deal, Blizzard has also offered the Cat Pack:

This time-limited* pawsh bundle contains a feisty litter of Azeroth’s furriest (and ficklest) felines. Treat yourself to Azeroth’s purriest creatures—three mounts and four pets—at a discount! If you already own one or more items from The Cat Pack, its price will automatically adjust.

What’s Inside:

  • 4 Adorable Furballs

Give the Cinder Kitten, Twilight, Mischief, and Brightpaw a furever home in your collection. Each of these adorable furballs will follow your every footstep and readily welcome any /pet you can spare!

  • 3 Majestic Mounts

Curious about the world, the Mystic Runesaber, Luminous Starseeker, and Winged Guardian are ready to explore Azeroth and beyond with you for the rest of their nine lives. Mounts automatically scale to the fastest riding or flying skill known by each character.

This offer is available until January 6th.

In addition to the Cat Pack, Blizzard has their annual 50% off pets & mounts! This offer excludes Dottie, the new charity pet, and the Sylvian Dreamer & 15th Anniversary Alabaster mounts.

So, if you're looking to grab a few pets missing from your collection for yourself, or finding something to buy for the pet collector/battler in your life, now's the time!

Happy Battling, everyone!
The 21st of December marks the first day of winter, and that means the Snowy Owl will finally spawn in Winterspring!

This pet is a requirement to complete Kalimdor Safari, so if you're missing this one, head on over and catch that pet.

Best of luck to you all, and Happy Battling!
What's that, no more outdated collections...?

Yep! As part of the updates I'm doing, I've now also added a function that keeps your collection up to date. As long as the character details that are saved with your collection are correct, Xu-Fu now updates your collection every 48h.

So as long as you're not going on a crazy pet shopping spree, you should have a smooth experience browsing strategies here :-) And even if, you can still manually update your collection any time.
A long maintenance just concluded that was necessary to move the page from an old to a newer database connection. This change was required by Blizzard. If you want to know all the details, you can read the full announcement.

So what has changed? Not much, sadly. Xu-Fu is a bit more future proof and things won't break suddenly, but there are no new features now. Things might load a little bit faster now and all new pets can be imported into you collection (like the Morelita de Ânima), but that's it for now.

If you notice any errors or things not working anymore, please reach out to Aranesh!
Just when we thought Blizzard was done adding new pets to the PTR, the latest build has brought a new surprise: meet the Shadowbarb Hatchling!

This pet is a reward as part of a quest chain, combined with hatching it through a progression of daily quests. These dailies and quests are attached to the Assaults, needing specific ones to be up depending on where you are in the chain. The dailies will reward 300 xp, and the unique quests will give 900 xp.

Anywho, let's get started on where you can go to begin hatching your very own bug!

Head just south of the second 'R' in Ankhaten Harbor, coords: 20.81, 62.03

Once you get there, you'll see this:

Click on the egg to get the quest pop-up.

Now, head over to Ramkahen, and meet up with H'partho Ardoros.

He'll then place the egg on the pedestal to his right. The egg will now have a bar above it that says 'Hatching...' and when moused over it displays an 'xp' bar. The bar is set to 5,000 for each of the levels.

Once you turn in The Incredible Egg, H'partho will offer you the quest, 'Match the Hatch'.

This will send you over to two possible areas: Temple of Uldum & Northwest of the Obelisk of the Moon.

Once there, you need to find 7 of these eggs:

The eggs will hatch while you study them, spawning three little bugs. Might have been my gear, but the poison they put on you can do decent damage stacked with their hits. They're not terribly difficult to kill; just watch your HP.

Once you get 7, head back to H'partho.

After that, his chat box will display this:

You'll end this first day with 600 / 5,000 on the hatching.

Day Two: The Hunger

Day 2 with H'parthos offers the quest 'Void Incubation'.

Now, what they mean by areas under assault by N'Zoth seem be where the tentacle-inclined are hanging out, not just where the purple rings on the map are showing up. Just look between Uldum and the Vale, and check for your lovely, opaque blue questing area indicator. For me, I got the Vale:

The Crystallized Void will be little gems on the ground, and look like this:

And I found them around the base of these structures:

If you haven't completed your assault for the day, don't be fooled by the millions of other glowing things hanging about, especially the tomes, which are about the same size.

After you get 10 Crystallized Void, head back to H'parthos.

He tells you not to worry about any side effects from carrying the crystallized void around, but if you, or someone you know, has suffered void crystal-related illness or injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact your local Titan facility for more details.

Day 2 ends with 900/5,000 on the Hatching.

Day Three: Under Wraps

On day, 3, H'parthos tells you your egg needs a nice, sticky blanket with the quest 'Wrapping Up'.

This quest will send you to 5 potential locations around Uldum:

Your quest items will drop from three different enemies: Aqir Voidcasters, Corrupt Egg Tenders, & Aqir Dominators (Elite)

Out of the five areas, I preferred the Obelisk of the Sun. The Voidcasters are around the edges of the plateau, near the egg clusters, and there's less mob aggro from non-quest enemies (in my experience).

Once you find some of these enemies, kill them for their Aqir Webbing:

Then head back over to H'partho:

Once you complete the quest, your egg will change to look like this:

Now your egg is snug as a bug in an...egg.

Day 3 ends with 1800 / 5000

Day Four: In the Cold, Cold Night

On Day 4, H'partho says the cold, desert nights might be too much for our little egg, and instructs you to find something to help it stay warm with the quest 'Warmth of the Sun'.

Once you accept, head over to the Obelisk of the Stars:

Once you get there, you'll head down into the chamber.

Once inside, turn around, and you'll see these three cat-a-taurs around your quest item:

You'll want to kill them one at a time. They do a damage-stacking ability that would probably be quite painful with all three of them adding it at the same time.

Once they're dead, loot the spiky disc:

Head back over to H'partho, and turn in the quest.

At this point, your egg is getting blinged out!

Day 4 ends with 2700 / 5000

Day Five & Six: Here We Go Again

Day five gave me my first daily, instead of outright quest with 'Continued Incubation'.

It was probably just a bug, but the zones didn't display the quest objective area for me. As such, you're looking for the zone that's specifically being Assaulted by N'zoth, not the Aqir, or the Mantids, or any of the secondary forces. Another way to tell, at least on the PTR, is the sky will be purple during N'Zoth assaults, but not from the other forces.

That said, it'll be the same as Day 2. You'll find the Crystallized Void around the bottom of the N'zoth structures that have erupted from the ground, as shown above in the day two part of the article.

Head back to H'partho for your turn-in:

Day 5 ends with your Hatching at 3,000 / 5,000

Day 6 ends with your Hatching at 3300 / 5000

Day Seven: Danger Zone

On Day Seven we get another unique quest, 'Encased in Amber,' to soup up your egg!

H'partho is sending us over to the Vale:

He wants us to grab an Amber Incubator to help speed up the Hatching process. The closest FP in the Vale to the quest objective is going to be the Serpent's Spine in the South-West:

Once you get there, the Amber Incubator will be inside the wall/fort area, in the corner:

Once you click on it, H'partho airlifts it out:

Head back over to Ramkahen to turn in the quest:

Now your egg will look like this:

Day 7 ends with 4200 / 5000!

Day Eight, Nine, & Ten: Over and Over Again

We're back to the Void Incubation daily, but this time the assault was in Uldum, and not the Vale. I found most of the Crystallized Void along the green areas within the purple assault section.

However, it looks a bit different in Uldum. You'll need to find little spots that look like void tears or spills on the ground:

I looked around to see if the Crystallized Void was anywhere else, but nothing jumped out at me.

Day 8 ends with 4500 / 5000.

Day 9 ends with 4800 / 5000! So close!

Day 10 ends with 4999 / 5000... Guess we'll have to see what's what tomorrow.

Day Eleven: Welcome Home

It's time for the big day: our egg is hatching!

Our little structure is all lit up and clickable:

And it's time to greet our new friend!

Naturally, once you hatch your Shadowbarb Larva, it's time to pick a name:

And once you choose a name, there's no going back. I went with a traditional name in the Shath'yar language: Yu'gaz. When I went to the translation page for the Old God language, it either means 'Servant' or 'Faithful', from what I could find. I'm leaning more toward Faithful.

Now you click on 'Complete Quest'.

Once you do that, your Larva gets a whole new area to call their own:

You also get a toy!

I decided to test it on an unsuspecting cat-a-taur, so this is what the toy effect will look like:

Now, back to your larva. Like most newly born (hatched) creatures, your little guy is hungry. One problem: your new pet tends to eat, well, people. Hence the quest, 'A Balanced Diet'.

You can rustle up some grub for your grub in either Uldum or the Vale:

I chose to kill hyenas just south of the Obelisk of the Stars. Once you get your 12 chunks, head back to your new friend:

Unfortunately, he's a picky little thing, and wants nothing to do with the food you've brought him.

So it looks like we'll have to try something else tomorrow.

Day 11 begins and ends with a new bar called Larva, and after the turn-in it'll be at 600 / 5000!

Day Twelve: Try Everything

Day 12 has us trying a different approach: cannibalism, with the quest, 'Meat Alternatives'.

You can choose to smoosh bugs in Uldum or the Vale. I chose to kill the little Aqir swarms. They have four or five of the really easy to kill bugs.

Once you get your meat, head back over to your little guy:

And he does this little feign death animation that scared the socks off me, before he pops back up and wriggles back to his original spot.

We still haven't fed this little guy, but we'll try again tomorrow.

Day 12 ends with 900 / 5000

Day Thirteen: Once More, With Feeling

Alright, we need to get a move on. Our little guy is probably ravenous, and it's only a matter of time before he withers away. Or breaks out of his pen and munches on the denizens of Ramkahen. Day 13 gives us the quest, 'Fetid Filets'.

The N'zoth forces for me were in Uldum:

I just flew around and killed the Fleshbeasts and Tentacle-faced non-elites. Once you get your 12 Corrupted Flesh, head back to your new friend:

And rejoice! He devours everything you put in front of him like the good little void bug he is, and does a happy little flip.

Day 13 ends with 1200 / 5000

Day Fourteen: Let the Children Play

H'partho is worried that our new friend might get bored, so he sends us out to find some toys. In his infinite wisdom, he has decided the religious iconography of the Amathet would be suitable with the quest, 'Action Figures'.

The enemies I found easiest to kill were the archers, but any cat-o-taur will do:

You'll be looking for these:

Once you get 6, return to H'partho.

Your little guy happily moves between all his new toys, and I have a sneaking suspicion H'partho and our new friend won't be the ones picking them up to put them away.

You end day 14 with 2100 / 5000!

Day Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, & Eighteen: Welcome Back...

...to your new daily: More Fetid Filets! Now that we've found what he'll eat, it's time to make sure we regularly feed our new friend.

You have to gather 12 Corrupted Flesh, which can be found on mobs from wherever N'Zoth's forces are attacking.

Day 15 ends with 2400 / 5000

Day 16 ends with 2700 / 5000

Day 17 ends with 3000 / 5000

Day 18 ends with 3300 / 5000

Day Nineteen: You've Got a Friend in Me

Day Nineteen starts with a unique quest, and H'partho thinks our little guy might need some friends to play with, and gives us the quest, 'Bug Buddies':

You'll be heading to the Obelisk of the Moon / Temple of Uldum area:

There were a couple different spots these bugs will be in, some of them will be around camel corpses:

Sometimes they'll be on their own:

Another spot I found was around a large grouping of big eggs, which had a couple of them together.

Once you collect all 5, head back to H'partho.

And now your new friend can have friends, too!

Day 19 ends with 4200 / 5000

Day Twenty: Here We Go Again

And we're back to the Corrupted Flesh daily.

Day 20 ends with 4500 / 5000

Day Twenty-One: Don't Stop Me Now

We get another unique quest today, since I believe the Assaults switched again, and it looks like H'partho wants to speed things up a little with the quest 'Super Jelly'.

Head on over to the Vale, where the Mantid hang out:

And you're looking for these little jars. They might be difficult to pick out amongst all the glowing items for the assault:

Once you get all 8, head back over to your new friend, and offer him the jelly. (Is it just me, or does Blizzard really have a thing for jelly the last couple patches?)

He eats it all ups, and does a little flip. Turn in your quest:

Day 21 ends with 4999 / 5000 again. Eeeee! Hopefully tomorrow brings the pet, and the chain for the mount!

Day Twenty-Two: I'm So Excited

Today's the day! Talking with H'partho offers this quest:

Now all you have to do is click the cocoon...

...and congratulations! You're the proud new owner of the Shadowbarb Hatchling!

This is what his stats at 25 look like:

And this is what he looks like when he's summoned:

But wait! We're not done yet. Next, H'partho offers this quest:

Here's what I observed while doing this quest:

  • You're offered a whistle to summon your hatchling.
  • DO NOT summon him until you're ready to start fighting enemies! He will only be summoned for 10 MINUTES
  • Enemies CAN damage your Hatchling, and I WAS NOT able to heal it.
  • If you die, you CAN'T resummon him. That's it for the day. Since you cannot heal him, I imagine it's the same if your hatchling dies.
  • You get a new bar called 'Hatchling,' and it's once again a bar of 5000
  • Turning in the quest does not give you any additional XP toward your bar

So, how much XP do the different enemies give the Hatchling, you ask? Here's some rough numbers that I tried to catch while fighting. I'll nail them down more the next time this quest is up.

  • Groups of three of the easy enemies, like blobs: 5 xp each
  • Normal enemies: 20 xp
  • Some of the elites I fought: 30 xp
  • Rares: ? I didn't fight any rares, but I imagine they'll be worth 40 or 50 xp

Given this breakdown, I imagine once this hits live servers it would be best to kill normal mobs, and watch for rare call outs.

Day Two for the Mount (23 Overall)

Today's quest involves a pet battle!

This one will be against the Vil'thik Hatchling:

The link to our news article on all the new pet battle WQs in 8.3 can be found here.

The current link for the Vil'thik Hatchling strategies can be found here. If it looks like we'll be going against all the different WQ fights in Uldum & the Vale, we may create a new tab just for the Shadowbarb quest chain. Also, don't forget that hovering your mouse over the 'Alternatives' tab on the right side of the strategy, where the pets are displayed, will show you all the strategies for that fight.

This quest rewards 900 xp on your Hatchling bar.

Day Three, Four, & Five for Mount (24, 25, & 26 Overall)

Honing Instincts is the new daily, and it's the same as Aqir Instincts above.

Your xp will depend on how many and what type of enemies you fight.

  • Groups of three of the easy enemies, like blobs: 5 xp each, or 15 total since they usually group in 3s
  • Normal enemies: 20 xp
  • Elites: 30 xp
  • Rares: ? I didn't fight any rares, but I imagine they'll be worth 40 or 50 xp

Day Six for Mount (27 Overall)

Today offered another pet battle quest:

So, head on over to the Vale to fight this little guy:

The link to our news article on all the new pet battle WQs in 8.3 can be found here.

The current link for the Baruk Stone Defender strategies can be found here. Don't forget that hovering your mouse over the 'Alternatives' tab on the right side of the strategy, where the pets are displayed, will show you all the strategies for that fight.

Once you win, head back to H'partho to turn in the quest:

This quest rewards 900 xp.

What we've learned so far about the quests:

  • Your Hatchling MUST be in the party, and not just summoned.

  • Your Hatchling DOES NOT have to be summoned at all.

  • Your Hatchling DOES NOT have to fight at all, and therefore slot # also doesn't matter.

  • It IS NOT connected to what WQ is up.

Because I died on my first training day, I'll have an extra day of the daily, most likely. Most people will probably see the end of their bar on this day.

Day Seven for Mount (28 Overall)

Another pet battle quest today:

The current link for the Retinus the Seeker strategies can be found here. Don't forget that hovering your mouse over the 'Alternatives' tab on the right side of the strategy, where the pets are displayed, will show you all the strategies for that fight.

Once you win, head back to H'partho to turn in the quest:

Our little guy gets a leveling animation, and now looks like this:

Hopefully, tomorrow we'll get the final chain for the mount!

Day Eight for Mount (29 Overall)

Day 8 for the mount has H'partho telling us our bug friend just might be big enough to ride into battle!

Which sends us over to this sassy cat-o-taur:

He says he can definitely make the saddle for us, but as per usual, we'll need some special materials.

Which gives us this quest:

My N'Zoth-specific assault was up the in Vale:

Now, 'cultists' can mean a few different NPCs, so hover your mouse over the enemies to see who fits the bill. The drop rate won't be 100%, but the armaments are no Zhevra Hooves, either. Once you complete the quest, head back to Blacksmith Abasi.

And it looks like we might be in for a few more days. We'll have to wait and see!

Day Nine for Mount (30 Overall): My Own Drone

Today was the day!

And, finally, the mount!

Congratulations! You now have the Shadowbarb Hatchling & the Shadowbarb Drone!

Aren't they just the cutest? I'm loving the matching looks for the pet & mount.

Well, that's all for now, so until next time: Happy Battling!

From earlier in the PTR:

As Quintessence, Sr. Content Manager for Warcraft Pets pointed out;

"...there's a mount with a similar name, [I'm] guessing it's going to be similar to the falcosaur quest chain (get a pet + raise it = get a mount)."

And here's the mount, the Shadowbarb Drone:

2020-01-29 15:01:52
To celebrate 8.3, we are hosting a giveaway!

Up for grabs are these EU codes:

1x Shadowlands Heroic Edition
1x Destruidorzinho
1x Argi
1x Brilhapata
1x Pintinha

The giveaway will work through Twitter this time. Here's what you'll need to do:

1. Head over to Twitter and follow @XuFusPetguide
2. Do the same with @Warcraft (requirement, they sponsored the codes!)
3. Respond to this tweet with your response to the question:

How many strategies have been viewed (unique pageviews) on Xu-Fu's pet guides since its creation in 2015?

Prices will go out in above order. The closest guess will receive the Shadowlands Heroic key and the next 4 closest will receive the pets from the top down of the list.
The giveaway will end February 2nd (end of day). Remember to post your answer on Twitter, not here ;-)

Retweet and share as much as you like :D

Good luck!!!
Read full article
2020-01-11 07:45:14
On Tuesday, 14 January, Blizzard will release patch 8.3, Visions of N'Zoth. For the pet battlers and collectors in the community, there's a few things to look out for, and forward to! In this patch, we'll be getting:

  • 8 new pet battle world quests in Uldum & the Vale of Eternal Blossoms

  • A new pet battle dungeon: Blackrock Depths

  • A pet, toy, & mount connected to a month-long quest chain

  • 33 new pets

  • One new pet toy

  • Pet Tamer & Battle Relocation: Obalis, Aki the Chosen, & No-No

  • Changes to Pet Battles in 8.3: Blizzard, Mudslide, Toxic Fumes, Unit 17, & Foulclaw & 8.3 Strategy Tag

We've covered most of this in previous articles, but for a refresher, we'll be going over the highlights and adding all the necessary links to the other articles!

New Pet Battle World Quests

There are eight new pet WQs: four in Uldum, and four in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. There will be one pet WQ up in each zone, each day. As of right now, you can battle any of them at any time, as many times as you like, though you'll only get the WQ reward once for whatever battle is the WQ for the day. While this may not yield much, it does allow anyone trying to make strats some breathing room to test their strats, without fear of being locked out once a WQ is complete, or being limited to only the WQ.

The strategies for these WQs can be found here, on our BfA World Quests tab. Uldum and the Vale will be the eight right at the top.

Information on where to find all the enemy pets, what they look like, & their battle information can be found here, in the article about the WQs.

The four in Uldum are:

  • WQ: Dune Buggy / Enemy Pet Name: Aqir Sandcrawler

  • WQ: Retinus the Seeker / Enemy Pet Name: Retinus the Seeker

  • WQ: Watch Where You Step / Enemy Pet Name: Blotto

  • WQ: I Am the One Who Whispers / Enemy Pet Name: Whispers

The four in the Vale are:

  • WQ: Brain Tickling / Enemy Pet Name: Tormentius

  • WQ: Flight of the Vil'thik / Enemy Pet Name: Vil'thik Hatchling

  • WQ: Living Statues are Tough / Enemy Pet Name: Baruk Stone Defender

  • WQ: Tiny Madness / Enemy Pet Name: K'tiny the Mad

These enemy pets are also connected to the Shadowbarb Hatchling chain, which we'll go into more below.

New Pet Dungeon: Blackrock Depths

The BRD pet dungeon gives us the conclusion to the shadowy figures storyline, has 9 stages, and almost no walking!

The main article on the new dungeon can be found here, and it includes all the enemies for each stage, and their pets' names, abilities, & stats.

The strategies for the new pet dungeon can be found here, under the dungeon tab on the top bar.

This dungeon has two achievements connected to it, one regular and one meta:

And both achievements have a toy as their reward:

As per usual, you'll receive a currency--Shadowy Gem--which can be used to purchase three different pets:

  • Wailing Lasher - 1 Shadowy Gem

  • Tiny Claw - 2 Shadowy Gems

  • Experiment 13 - 3 Shadowy Gems

There is also a supply crate for purchase with one shadowy gem.

Shadowbarb Hatchling Quest Chain

In 8.3, we'll see a 29+ day quest chain, which has a pet, toy, & mount as progressive rewards. It consists of three XP-based stages: Hatching, Larva, & Hatchling, with an XP bar of 5,000. Dailies will give you 300 xp, while unique quests reward 900 xp. Your dailies and quests will depend on the Assaults; which ones are up, and where. Stage four for the mount is only one day.

You'll receive the toy around day 11, at the end of the Hatching stage. The pet is around day 22 of the chain, at the end of the Larva stage. The mount will be on day 29+. At the end of the Hatchling stage, you'll receive one more quest, and another day of waiting to get the mount.

The guide for the entire quest chain can be found here. Most of the quests are pretty self-explanatory, but if you're stuck on a step, it should be there.

There are some pet battles associated with the third stage of the chain, which involve the new 8.3 WQ battles. For right now, we don't have a section for just the Shadowbarb, because it doesn't seem as though all the WQs have a quest in the chain. That said, if you head over here, to our Vale & Uldum secrion in BfA World Quests, some of the listed strats can be adapted to having the Shadowbarb in the line-up. Some of the strats will have Shadowbarb Hatchling in the info section. If those don't work for you, look for leveling strategies, or ones that have an 'Any Pet' slot. The Shadowbarb doesn't have to battle to get credit.

This is the Shadowbarb Hatchling:

The toy is the Aqir Egg Cluster:

And the animation looks like this:

The mount is the Shadowbarb Drone:

33 New Pets!

There are a fair few new pets coming in 8.3, and as I said before, we're going to be awash in tentacles, void, and eyeballs!

If you'd like a full look at the pets, they're all in the article here, except the Shadowbarb pet, which we've provided the link for above.

Ny’alotha, the Waking City

  • Aqir Hivespawn -- Drop: Tek’ris

  • Eye of Corruption -- Drop: N’Zoth the Corruptor

  • Muar -- Drop: Maut

  • Ra’kim -- Drop: Tek’ris along with the Aqir Hivespawn

  • Void-Scarred Anubisath – Drop: Ra-den the Despoiled

Blackrock Depths

All the pets below will come from the vendor Burt Macklyn, who uses Shadowy Gems as currency.

  • Experiment 13

  • Tiny Claw

  • Wailing Lasher


Stormwind or Orgrimmar

  • Anomalus – Drops from either Alleria's or Thrall’s Corrupted Chest


  • C’Thuffer – Rexxar’s Corrupted Chest

  • Void-Scarred Hare – Umbric’s Corrupted Chest

  • Void-Scarred Pup – Thrall’s Corrupted Chest

  • Void-Scarred Toad – Zekhan’s Corrupted Chest


  • Void-Scarred Cat – Alleria’s Corrupted Chest

  • Void-Scarred Rat – Kelsey’s Corrupted Chest

Vision of the Twisting Sands Creatures

  • Void-Scarred Beetle

This seems to be a drop from various creatures found in the Visions.

Zone: Uldum


  • Cursed Dune Watcher -- Drop: Uldum Accord Supplies. This pet is a drop from the paragon chest for the Uldum Accord faction.

  • Wicked Lurker – Amalgamation of Flesh

This pet drops from a bonus objective called, "Pyre of the Amalgamated One", during the N'Zoth specific assault in Uldum. The coordinates are 60, 72 in the Lost City of Tol'vir. This bonus objective will likely not always be up, and the drop-rate is not 100%.

  • Aqir Tunneler -- Drop: Skikx’traz (Say that one five times fast)

  • Rotbreath – Lord Aj’qirai


  • Pygmy Camel -- Provisioner Qorra

This pet costs 300 Polished Pet Charms, and requires Revered reputation with the Uldum Accord

Pet Battles

  • Oasis Void-Duster

  • Void-Scarred Locust

Zone: Vale of Eternal Blossoms


  • Jade Defender -- Rajani Supplies. This pet is a drop from the paragon chest for the Rajani faction.

  • Corrupted Tentacle -- Drop: Will of N’Zoth

  • K’uddly -- Drop: The Forgotten


  • Windfeather Chick – Zhang Ku

This pet costs 300 Polished Pet Charms, and requires Exalted reputation with the Rajani.

Pet Battles

  • Golden Chirper

  • Voidglower

  • Voidskimmer


  • Gloop

Corrupted Uldum or Vale of Eternal Blossoms. I caught mine in the N'Zoth-specific Assault zone, from a pool.


There is a meta achievement called, ‘Reeking of Visions,’ that the pet, Reek, is a reward for.

Reeking of Visions is the meta achievement:

And these are the two achievements you need to complete it:

Quest Chain

  • Shadowbarb Hatchling

New Pet Toy!

We’ve also seen a new pet toy show up as purchasable for our toybox. It costs 20 pet charms, and 100 Corrupted Mementos, which will come from Visions. There is a single-use version that can be purchased for 1 Corrupted Memento, but will also be a random drop from completion of the new 8.3 WQs.

Pet Tamer & Battle Relocation: Obalis, Aki the Chosen, & No-No

As of 8.3, it was getting a little crowded on the dam for Obalis, so he decided to move a little closer to home near Ramkahen.

When the minions of N'Zoth flooded the Vale, Aki and friends evacuated to the Mogu'shan Palace. Lorewalker Cho was more than happy to take them in, and listen as Aki regales him with tales of her pet battle wins.

As of right now, No-No has gone into hiding from his favorite spot. If you see him, let us know--we're worried about him! On the other hand, if you want to visit your favorite otter, Zidormi at the top of Mogu'shan Palace can revert the Vale to before N'Zoth invaded.

8.3 Pet Battle Changes and Strategy Tags

In 8.3 we'll be getting some Weather changes to Blizzard and Mudslide:

  • Blizzard: Now also increases all elemental ability damage by 25%

  • Mudslide: Now also increases all critical damage dealt by 25%

They have also capped the amount an enemy pet can reduce its damage taken from your team:

In Visions of N’Zoth, we’re also changing how percent-damage reduction abilities stack with each other. Currently, if you’re fighting a pet like Unit 17 in Mechagon (a Boss pet that passively takes 50% less damage), and Unit 17 uses Crouch, Unit 17 becomes immune to damage because the two 50% damage reduction effects are added to each other. In Visions of N’Zoth, the plan is to cap damage reduction at -75%. Using Unit 17 as an example, while Crouch is active, it will take 75% reduced damage instead of 100% reduced damage. This will smooth out the challenge with some enemy bosses.

Mostly, this change will impact two enemies in particular: Unit 17 on Mechagon & Foulclaw on Argus.

A new weather effect is also being added: Toxic Fumes:

  • Increases the duration of all hostile DoTs by 1 round

  • Pets are considered Poisoned while Toxic Fumes is up

Due to the changes to Blizzard & Mudslide, any strategies or enemies using these abilities will be tagged with an 8.3 Tag. This will let strategy creators and strategy users know when a strat could be impacted by the changes.

And that's (probably) everything for 8.3! If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

Best of luck in all your pet collecting and battling endeavors against the forces of N'Zoth, and the Old God himself...you just might need it!
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2019-12-31 21:32:51
The timeline is once more in danger, and the Bronze Dragonflight has called upon the heroes of Azeroth to venture into the swirling mists of Pandaria. Perhaps we'll also find a few pets hiding amidst the timeways?

This week's timewalking vendor offers two pets: the Paradox Spirit & the Infinite Hatchling, and they both cost 2200 Timewarped Badges.

However, there's also an achievement reward pet from Stormstout Brewery: the Hopling.

It's a reward from Ling-Ting's Herbal Journey

Here's a link to the comments on Wowhead for the achievement. It also offers a workaround to the one that might be bugged beneath the stairs. It'd be best to wait for the instance to be cleared. Or, since you'll be heading out to the Timeless Isle anyway, drop by the Valley of the Four Winds on your max level character for an easy clear, and easy pet.

Happy collecting!
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2019-12-24 17:23:39
The end of the year is closing in and for many of you out there, these last days of 2019 will be full of festivities and celebration. I would like to join in by wishing you all the best for those days. May they be filled with joy, happiness and wonderful company for you to find peace and stay in the moment, for there will be many good ones to still experience in this year and decade.

Best seasonal wishes from Aranesh and the entire Xu-Fu team!
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2019-12-15 08:06:00
The days are shorter since leaving midsummer behind, and the cold weather has driven all but the most resilient—or fur-covered—indoors. Fires crackle merrily in their hearths, and the children of Azeroth are counting the minutes until Great Father Winter leaves presents beneath the tree.

While in the capital doing some last-minute shopping, laughter and cheering catches your attention. You turn to find a cadre of people hauling in the giant Winter Veil tree, as children skip and run around the wagon, shouting encouragement.

Their enthusiasm is contagious, and a smile pulls at the corner of your mouth before you turn to complete your purchase.

“It’s always been my favorite time of the year,” the merchant says, and then with a wink places a small package on top of your other items. “Merry Winter Veil.”

You pay the merchant, (perhaps a few extra coins find their way into his hand), and thank him for his generosity. Later, as you sit in the tavern to enjoy a nice hot drink, you open the package to find a small stack of homemade gingerbread cookies. The gift warms you in ways the drink couldn’t manage. As you munch on the cookies, you realize you’re rather looking forward to giving those closest to you their gifts, collected from the various lands you’d traveled to and from.

“Merry Winter Veil, indeed,” you say with a smile.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year on Azeroth! The Feast of Winter Veil is upon us, and with the holiday comes nine holiday-exclusive pets, most of which are fairly easy to obtain. So, let’s string up some lights, jingle the bells, sing some carols, and get those pets!

Gaily Wrapped Present

When you wake up on the 25th and open the presents beneath the Winter Veil Tree, the one you’re looking for with the pets will be the Gaily Wrapped Present. This has a chance to contain one of four pets: Father Winter’s Helper, Tiny Snowman, Winter Reindeer, & Winter’s Little Helper.

However, if you open all your Gaily Wrapped Presents on all your characters level 20+ and you don’t manage to nab one of the ones you need, all these pets are cageable! If you missed out, just head over to the Auction House. Most of the pets are rather cheap, especially after the 25th.

Stolen Present

This present is a reward from the Winter Veil Daily: You’re a Mean One… The Alliance version of this daily will come from Wulmort Jinglepocket in Ironforge, and for the Horde it’s Kaymard Kopperpinch in Orgrimmar. The NPCs will be near their city’s bank.

What’s interesting, is there are three holiday-exclusive pets, but also an additional pet that can drop or be purchased from a vendor.

The three holiday-exclusive ones are: Clockwork Rocket Bot, Lumpy, & Rotten Little Helper.

The one that can be obtained from the holiday, or a variety of vendors found here, is: Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot.

Again, if you do your dailies on all eligible characters and don’t manage to get the pets, all four of the above are cageable. However, keep in mind the three holiday-exclusive ones tend to be rarer, and might be more expensive than those in the Gaily Wrapped Present, depending on your server.


For this pet, you’ll need to head out to Frostfire Ridge! There are four Winter Veil dailies offered by NPCs in your garrison, and in the same area as the dailies you’ll find Snow Mounds. Looting these snow mounds will get you the pet. Easy as!

The location of the snow mounds can be found on this Wowhead page here, or just pick up the quests and it’ll give you a good idea of where to go. That said, the area is kind of between Daggermaw Ravine and the Bloodmaul Slag Mines flightpath.

However, this pet is also cageable, and can likely be found on your Auction House.

Globe Yeti

This pet may be the trickiest of the lot.

  • This little guy only spawns one at a time, inside the giant snow globes in Ironforge and Orgrimmar.
  • He seems to be on roughly a 30 minute respawn timer. They changed the spawn timer for this pet, so it should be less than a minute!
  • But most importantly? He is a LEVEL 1 pet.

If you go into the battle with a team of 25s, you’ll murderize him. Your best bet is bringing a pet that has an ability that won’t reduce the Yeti below 1 hp, like Superbark or Weakening Blow.

  • This pet is the only Winter Veil pet that is NOT cageable.

And that’s it! Congratulations on all your fantastically festive pets!

To all the pet battling denizens across Azeroth, we at Xu-Fu’s would like to wish you a Merry Winter Veil, and until next time: Happy Battling!

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2019-12-03 18:19:49
It's that time again, pet battlers! The Sign of the Critter is up, and if you're looking to tackle your leveling queue this is the week to do it.

Pet Battle Week brings a 200% bonus to pet experience, which means you can go from 1-25 in no time, depending on the fights.

If you're looking to maximize your leveling with repeatable trainers, take a look at our Powerleveling Guide.

As always, though, feel free to peruse the different pages for leveling strategies on just about any of the daily tamers!

Super Squirt for NA/US on 5 December!

December 5th is one of those magical days where we get to see the combination of the Pet Battle Bonus Event and the Squirt menagerie fight. So, head on out to those garrisons and get to leveling your pets!

Here's the link to our Squirt strategy page, where there are plenty of strategies for you to choose from. Or perhaps you want to try your hand at making one yourself? Go crazy, have fun, and put a dent in that leveling queue!

Everyone here at Xu-Fu's wish you all the best in your pet leveling endeavors, and until next time: Happy Battling!
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2019-11-25 05:31:09
Tables groan beneath the weight of a variety of dishes, and boisterous conversation fills the air over many a tankard of drink. Stories of glory and thanks are traded like precious gold, as friends new and old take their seats. Every cook and kitchen within the capital cities tirelessly churn out platter upon platter of food, as the citizens of Azeroth make the pilgrimage from far and wide to celebrate the week of Pilgrim’s Bounty.

Just as you lean forward to take the first bite of your favorite dish, something warm lands on your head. As the conversation at your table quiets, a substance that looks suspiciously like candied sweet potatoes runs down and lands on your plate. When you look up at the person across from you, you’re met with mischievous eyes and a barely suppressed grin. You bare your teeth in return, and then grab a handful of cranberry chutney as you utter a cry of; “Food fight!”

It’s Pilgrim’s Bounty week on Azeroth, and it’s, ‘…a time to reflect upon one’s good fortune and share with all around you’. It’s one of the major holidays celebrated in-game, and it runs for just under seven full days.

2019: 11/25 10:00 a.m. – 12/02 09:00 a.m.

It is also a required holiday for the meta achievement: What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been.

As for pets, Pilgrim’s Bounty offers two: Bush Chicken & Plump Turkey. Below, we’ll detail how you can get these two holiday pets, and add these delicious—I mean adorable!—pets to your roster.

Bush Chicken

"Following their introduction to the mainland by the goblins, Bush Chickens have become the entre du jour for Pilgrim's Bounty due to their high deliciousness and low intelligence.

The Bush Chicken is the easiest to get of the two. This pet is cageable, so one of the ways is to purchase one off the Auction House.

The other way is to complete the dailies for Pilgrim’s Bounty:

  • Can’t Get Enough Turkey
  • Easy as Pie
  • She Says Potato
  • Don’t Forget the Stuffing!
  • We’re Out of Cranberry Chutney Again?

Each daily will require 20 of each food item.

These dailies reward an item called Pilgrim’s Bounty, and it’ll be filled with seasonal fare for the holiday. Among these items is the Frightened Bush Chicken, which will, of course, teach you the pet. Wowhead reports there’s about a 3% chance for the pet to drop.

If you’re looking to complete everything for the holiday, your best bet is to do the dailies every day, and if you don’t manage to get the drop you can purchase the pet off the AH. By the end of the holiday, the market has usually flooded with the holiday pets, so the prices should see a nice drop at that point.

Plump Turkey

He's humble, clairvoyant, and delicious with cranberry sauce.

The Plump Turkey is the more time-consuming of the two, since it’s one of the rewards for the meta achievement for the holiday: Pilgrim.

This pet is not tradeable, and is unique, therefore you can only learn one.

There are 9 sub-achievements for the meta achievement, and we’ll tell you how you can complete each one. It may seem a touch daunting, but most of them are fairly easy, so never fear!

Sharing is Caring, “FOOD FIGHT!”, & Pilgrim’s Paunch

These achievements are generally the easiest of the lot, and you can complete them as you make the rounds to all the capital cities doing your cooking dailies & quests. For Horde, this means starting in Undercity, and for Alliance it’ll be Stormwind.

However, none of the dailies send you out to the 4th capital needed by each faction: Silvermoon City & The Exodar. So, once you complete your cooking dailies & quests, head out to these capitals to finish Pilgrim’s Paunch.

Sharing is Caring & “FOOD FIGHT!” can be completed at about the same time, as long as there’s another player at the table with you. When you sit down, you’ll get a special interface bar, like when you’re in a vehicle, and it’ll give you the option to eat or share. If other food has been passed to that chair, it’ll be an option to eat that food, too.

For Sharing is Caring, all you have to do is share each dish (5) found at the table with another chair, doesn’t matter which one. Simple as that. If you’re looking to get the “FOOD FIGHT!” achievement, target a player/chair, and share the food until you get the achievement. It’s that simple! However, a player does need to be in the chair.

For Pilgrim’s Paunch, you need to eat 5 stacks of food from each chair to gain the Spirit of Sharing buff, and do this at all four of your faction's listed capitals.

If there aren’t any people around, I tend to pass all the food to one chair, and sit at that one to make getting your Spirit of Sharing quest a little easier. If there are people around, your best bet is to just sit at each chair individually.

Now We’re Cookin’ & Pilgrim’s Progress

These achievements require you to have a cooking skill of at least 280 in your Old World Recipes section to cook ALL the recipes, but fear not! This holiday is generally used by people to level their alts’ cooking skills, because each recipe you’re given will have enough points to get you to the next one.

There will be some traveling required to purchase ingredients, but the quest chain will lead you to each subsequent city. For the non-daily quests, make sure you have the quest before you cook the items. The dailies don’t have the cooking as part of the quest completion, but the non-dailies do.

Your dailies were mentioned in the Bush Chicken section above. The non-daily quests will send you to each capital city, in the order of the recipes that will progress you through your cooking skill. For Horde, you’ll start off in the Ruins of Lordaeron (Phased), and for Alliance it’ll be outside the gates of Stormwind.

Once you’ve picked up your cooking skill, or if you already have it, you’ll need to at least learn the Spice Bread recipe from the cooking trainer. After that, find a Pilgrim’s Bounty vendor, generally located near the Pilgrim’s Bounty tables outside the capital cities, and purchase a Bountiful Cookbook for 1 silver. This cookbook will contain all the recipes you need for this holiday:

  • Spice Bread Stuffing – Cooking Skill 1
  • Pumpkin Pie – Cooking Skill 100
  • Cranberry Chutney – Cooking Skill 160
  • Candied Sweet Potatoes – Cooking Skill 220
  • Slow-Roasted Turkey – Cooking Skill 280

Part One

For Spice Bread Stuffing, you’ll need the Spice Bread recipe and Autumnal Herbs. The herbs can be purchased from the Pilgrim’s Bounty Vendor.

Once you’ve learned this recipe, be sure to pick up the Spice Bread Stuffing quest. For Horde, this will come from Miles Standish (Undercity, Phased), and for the Alliance it’ll be from Gregory Tabor (Stormwind).

Now that you have the quest and you’ve learned the Spice Bread Stuffing recipe, you’ll need to make at least 30 of these for the first day, (20 for the daily & 10 for two different non-daily quests).

If your cooking skill is at 1, make as many as it’ll take for you to learn your next recipe: Pumpkin Pie (Cooking 100).

Now you can turn in your Spice Bread Stuffing quest. For the Horde, you’ll turn it in to William Mullins, and for Alliance it’ll be Jasper Moore. These NPCs will give you your next quest: Pumpkin Pie.

But don’t go anywhere yet!

You’ll need to purchase your Ripe Tirisfal Pumpkins from your Undercity bountiful vendor, and Ripe Elwynn Pumpkins from your Stormwind vendor. Honey can be bought off any of the vendors, but you might as well buy that while you’re here, too. You need 1 Pumpkin & 1 Honey for each Pumpkin Pie.

If your cooking skill is already maxed, you’ll need 25 Pumpkin Pies for the day. (20 Daily & 5 Non-Daily)

If your cooking skill is at 100, you’ll need to get to at least 160 for the next quest. If this is the case, I’d recommend sitting at the Stormwind/Undercity area, and making Pumpkin Pie until you hit 160 after you’ve picked up the Pumpkin Pie quest.

NOTE for ALLIANCE PLAYERS: If you already have your Old World cooking skill at 280+, head out to Elwynn Forest and hunt 25 Wild Turkeys now. Cook them up with the Slow-roasted Turkey recipe. It’ll save you the extra trip to Ironforge at the end.

With that done, Horde will need to head to Orgrimmar, and Alliance will head to Ironforge.

Part Two

Once you get to the next city, you’ll turn in your Pumpkin Pie quest and pick up Cranberry Chutney. Horde’s turn in will be with Francis Eaton, and Alliance it will be Edward Winslow.

You also need to make sure you pick up and turn in your Don’t Forget the Stuffing! daily while in these cities. For Horde this will come from Ondani Greatmill, and for Alliance it will be Caitrin Ironkettle.

You can pick up your Can’t Get Enough Turkey quests from these NPCs, too, but we’re not quite to the turkey yet. The exception here is the Alliance players who have already hunted & cooked their turkeys to save a trip.

Once you’ve picked up your Cranberry Chutney quest, find the Pilgrim’s Bounty vendor and purchase your Tangy Southfury/Wetlands Cranberries. You need 1 Tangy Cranberry & 1 Honey for each Chutney.

If your cooking skill is already maxed, you’ll need 30 Cranberry Chutney for the day. (20 Daily & 10 Non-Daily for two quests)

If your cooking skill is at 160, you’ll need to get it to at least 220 for the next quest. So, as before, sit at the vendor and make as many Cranberry Chutney as it takes to get to 220 after you’ve picked up the Cranberry Chutney quest.

With that completed, Horde will be heading to Thunder Bluff, and Alliance will go back to Stormwind.

Part Three

Once you’re in the next capital city, turn in your Cranberry Chutney quest. This is where the next quest somewhat diverges for the factions.


You’ll turn in your quest to Dokin Farplain, and pick up the Candied Sweet Potatoes quest. You’ll need to purchase Mulgore Sweet Potatoes, Honey, & Autumnal Herbs from the Pilgrim’s Bounty Vendor there.

If your cooking skill is maxed, you’ll need to make 25 Candied Sweet Potatoes for the day. (20 Daily & 5 Non-Daily)

If your cooking skill is at 220, you’ll need to get to 280 for the next recipe. So, as before, sit at the vendor and make as many Candied Sweet Potatoes as it takes to get to 280 after you’ve picked up the Candied Sweet Potatoes quest.

Also, don’t forget to pick up and turn in your Easy as Pie daily from the NPC Mahara Goldwheat.

From here, you’ll head to Orgrimmar.


You’ll turn in your quest to Edward Winslow, and pick up the They’re Ravenous in Darnassus quest. This will require 5 Spiced Bread Stuffing and 5 Pumpkin Pie. You should already have these in your bags from cooking earlier.

Don’t forget to pick up and turn in your We’re Out of Cranberry Chutney Again? Daily from the NPC Ellen Moore.

Now, head to Darnassus (Phased).

Part Four


You’ll be heading to Francis Eaton once again, and turning in your Candied Sweet Potatoes quest. You’ll then pick up your quest Undersupplied in the Undercity. This will require 5 Spiced Bread Stuffing and 5 Pumpkin Pie. You should already have these in your bags from earlier, so head over to the Undercity.


Once in Darnassus, you’ll turn in your quest in to Isaac Allerton, and pick up Candied Sweet Potatoes. You’ll need to purchase Teldrassil Sweet Potatoes, Honey, & Autumnal Herbs from the Pilgrim’s Bounty Vendor there.

If your cooking skill is maxed, you’ll need to make 25 Candied Sweet Potatoes for the day. (20 Daily & 5 Non-Daily)

If your cooking skill is at 220, you’ll need to get to 280 for the next recipe. So, as before, sit at the vendor and make as many Candied Sweet Potatoes as it takes to get to 280 after you’ve picked up the Candied Sweet Potatoes quest.

While here, don’t forget to pick up and turn in your Easy as Pie daily from the NPC Mary Allerton.

Now head back to Stormwind, again.

Part Five


Once in Undercity, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Turn In: Undersupplied in the Undercity
  • Pick Up: Slow-roasted Turkey
  • Pick Up & Turn In: We’re Out of Cranberry Chutney Again? With NPC Roberta Carter
  • Pick Up & Turn In: She Says Potato with NPC William Mullins

And now, we hunt…Turkey.

Head out into Tirisfal Glades. If you look around, you’ll see some Wild Turkeys strutting about. You can try to combine your farm of these delicious fowl with the achievement The Turkinator, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that during peak play hours.

For the cooking, you’ll just need to kill and loot 25 for today, and 20 each day after for the dailies.

Once you have your 25, and your Slow-roasted Turkey quest, cook them up. Then, head back to Orgrimmar.


Once in Stormwind, you’ll need to:

  • Turn In: Candied Sweet Potatoes
  • Pick Up: Slow-roasted Turkey
  • Pick Up & Turn In: She Says Potato with NPC Jasper Moore

And now, we hunt…Turkey.

Head out into Elwynn Forest. If you look around, you’ll see some Wild Turkeys strutting about. You can try to combine your farm of these delicious fowl with the achievement The Turkinator, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that during peak play hours.

For the cooking, you’ll just need to kill and loot 25 for today, and 20 each day after for the dailies.

Once you have your 25, and your Slow-roasted Turkey quest, cook them up. Then, head back to Darnassus.

At this point, both of the factions should have earned the Now We’re Cookin’ achievement—grats!

Part Six


You’ll be turning your final quest in to Francis Eaton. Then, head over to Ondani Greatmill to pick up & turn in the Can’t Get Enough Turkey daily.

For Horde characters, this completes your achievement Pilgrim’s Progress—congrats! You’re free to move on to the other achievements now.


You still have some travelling to do. Your quest Slow-roasted Turkey will be turned in to Isaac Allerton in Darnassus.

Then, you’ll need to head back over to Ironforge to pick up and turn in the Can’t Get Enough Turkey daily if you haven’t already.

Now you’ve completed your achievement Pilgrim’s Promise—congrats! You’re free to move on to the other achievements now.

And then there were four…achievements left.

Terokkar Turkey Time

For this achievement, you need to have a Pilgrim’s Hat, and either a Pilgrim’s Dress, Robe, or Attire.

These items drop from the Pilgrim’s Bounty item received from completing Pilgrim’s Bounty cooking dailies.

Once you have these items, it’s just a matter of going to Sethekk Halls and killing Talon King Ikiss while wearing the above clothing. Remember, it needs to be the hat AND the chest piece.

You need to be at least level 63 (current level scaling) to enter the dungeon on normal.

For those who are well above Outland-level dungeons, head in on heroic mode and you’ll have a chance at the Raven Lord mount. This mount only drops on heroic mode from the boss Anzu.

Pilgrim’s Peril

Once you have a Pilgrim’s Dress, Robe, or Attire, you can head to the capital cities of your opposite faction enemies, and take a seat at their tables.

These items drop from the Pilgrim’s Bounty item received from completing Pilgrim’s Bounty cooking dailies.

For Horde:

  • Darnassus (Phased)
  • The Exodar
  • Ironforge
  • Stormwind

For Alliance:

  • Orgrimmar
  • Silvermoon City
  • Thunder Bluff
  • Undercity (Phased)

All the tables will be ‘outside’ the respective cities.

For Darnassus you have to go through the city to the clear area between the Warrior’s Terrace and the Tradesman’s Terrace.

For the Exodar, you’ll need to take the portal at Rut’theran Village from the western dock.

For Undercity, it’ll be in the Ruins of Lordaeron.

Turkey Lurkey

For this, you need to blast a rogue of each race, except Pandaren and Allied Races, with your Turkey Shooter.

These items drop from the Pilgrim’s Bounty item received from completing Pilgrim’s Bounty cooking dailies. You also have the chance to receive the Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter as a toy, which will not be consumed on use like the Turkey Shooter.

DO NOT shoot a rogue who is already a turkey – it won’t count.

DO NOT shoot a rogue who is in a ‘vehicle’ type mount – it won’t count.

This achievement is obviously easier in expansions where we share a main hub, like Dalaran or Shattrath, and somewhat more difficult during expansions where we’re separate. Your best bet will still be the shared capitals.

The Turkinator

This will probably be the most difficult achievement of the lot. Not because killing turkeys is difficult, but because killing the spaced apart turkeys while everyone else is killing spaced apart turkeys can cause a person to /head desk. There were more than a few occasions where I was thwarted at 38 or 39 killed.

Essentially, you need to kill 40 Wild Turkeys within 30 seconds of each other, and achieve Turkey Triumph. For Horde this will be in Tirisfal Glades, and for the Alliance it will be in Elwynn Forest.

If you look up the achievement on Wowhead, there are plenty of scripts in the comment section you can put in Macros of your Game Menu to help out with this. The one in particular I use is this:

/tar Wild Turkey
/script if (charm == nil) or (charm < 6) then charm=9; end; charm=charm-1; if (charm==6) then SetRaidTarget("target", 0) else SetRaidTarget("target", charm); end

If you have a favorite turkey murdering macro, feel free to post it in the comments!

And that’s everything! If you’ve made it to the end and managed to get all the achievements, you should now be a proud owner of a Plump Turkey and likely a Bush Chicken. Congratulations!

From all of us at Xu-Fu’s to all the pet battling denizens of Azeroth, we’re thankful for everyone who works to make this page the best source for pet battle strategies, and we wish you a Happy Pilgrim’s Bounty!
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Sunshany#2626 wrote today on: Zuna Skullcrush
you are sooooooooo smart omg 500 IQ !!!
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you can totally have more than 1 Ikky. As this pet is very helpful I'd even recommend to have all 3 of Ikky in the collection


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Gráinne wrote today on: MainbarQuestGuide
I think you're mistaking the intention of the date, 11th March is when the Week begins in EU, but 13th is when Squirt is up that week.


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Thanks for the great guide! Small mistake I noticed: The next pet battle bonus event starts at March 11th, not March 13th as mentioned in the "Dates for the Pet Battle Bonus Event in 2020 " section :)
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Enemy pets got weaker, pet battler life becomes easier!


wrote today on: Therin Skysong
Excellent! Used Alarm-o-bot for third pet with Batter and Haywire.


wrote today on: "Captain" Klutz
Shorter script, team still works like a charm: - - standby [ self.aura(Stunned).exists ] - ability(Black Claw) [ !enemy.aura(Black Claw).exists ] - ability(#3) - change(#2)

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